Niko leaves gift for young fan

Greensnet Editor
Sun 24 Jun 2018, 10:45

Niko Muir's final action before leaving London to head for Hartlepool was to make a 7 year old supporter a very happy young man.

Niko had read on twitter that a young supporter was likely to be very disappointed when he was told that Niko was leaving the club, and upon reading the tweet, contacted chairman Simon Lawrence to get contact details for the young fan's Dad, who had posted the tweet.

Simon passed on the contact details, Niko got in touch with John Rogers and made arrangements to meet John and his son, James, at SJP yesterday.

Upon meeting, Niko handed over one of his signed matchballs that he'd collected during the season for his hat-tricks to James - the ball being the one from the win at Harlow Town in December, and spent some time talking to him. John & James have already pledged to go and watch Niko play for Hartlepool next season when they are at Barnet if they can.

This was a wonderful gesture by Niko, taking time out from what must be a very busy time for him as he makes the move to Hartlepool, to make a young supporter's day. It shows what a class act Niko is, both on and off the pitch, and it's safe to say that James will be following Niko's progress over the coming years, as well as, of course, continuing to support Hendon.