Live updates suspended until further notice

Greensnet Editor
Thu 07 Mar 2013, 08:40

We regret to announce that our popular live updates service on matchdays has been suspended until further notice.

As supporters will be aware, all of our online activities are run and updated by volunteers in their spare time. Unfortunately on a number of occasions this season one of our volunteers in particular has received some extremely unnecessary abuse when errors have been made, or on the occasions when the live updates haven't been running for a particular game.

Very often, the live updates service is run even though the volunteer who usually operates it isn't able to get to the game, and is often done from home.

As those who were following the updates on Tuesday night will be aware, an error occurred in the reporting of the first goal, which caused quite a bit of confusion, particularly as Harrow had reported the goal correctly. Unfortunately, the error was not brought to our operator's attention until an hour after the game.

Without going into all the technicalities of the system, when the operator is at the game, he doesn't actually see what is posted to the messageboard and to twitter, so only knows about errors when they are fed back to him.

Sadly, whilst the abuse that has been received, both in person and via social media, has come from a tiny majority, it is still over the top and unnecessary. This is why the decision has been taken that the service will be suspended until further notice. No one deserves to receive such abuse, especially when they are volunteers and giving up their time and effort to help the club.

Both our operator and the club would like to apologise to those supporters, particularly those who live long distances from the club, who rely on the live updates for the undoubted disappointment this decision causes.

Please be assured that the website will continue to be updated as normal, with matchday updates going online as soon as we get home from the game - or immediately after the game if we were unable to attend.