We all need to pull together

Greensnet Editor
Thu 06 Dec 2012, 11:17

We need everyone, fans and players alike, to play their part on Saturday as we entertain Carshalton Athletic in what has become an early relegation six-pointer.

Whilst the players need to do their part on Saturday by taking the initiative and showing everyone that they want to get the club out of the current predicament we see ourselves in, we also need all our supporters who are able to get to the game to turn up in numbers, just as they did during our FA Cup run, particularly at Aldershot and do their bit as well in getting behind the team. The support in the FA Cup run was tremendous - we now need that same level of vocal support for league games.

None of us want to see the club in a relegation battle, but that is exactly where we are at the moment. We all, players and supporters, need to ensure that we go into Saturday's game with the right attitude to do everything in our power to pick up three points.

As Gary McCann so often says in his programme notes, we are all in this together. Remember, this is your football club, and it is down to all of us, players, management and supporters, to do our best to make it happen, not just on Saturday against Carshalton, but in the 28 league games that follow, along with the London Senior Cup.

Kick off on Saturday at Vale Farm is at the usual time of 3.00pm.