No replica shirts this season

Greensnet Editor
Wed 05 Dec 2012, 11:55

We are sorry to announce that we will unfortunately not be selling replica shirts of this season's home and away shirts.

As many will be aware, we first wore our new home strip at Corby Town in the FA Cup in late October as it was the first opportunity we had following delivery of the kit. However, supporters may be less aware that we were still awaiting delivery of some of our change strip for some time after; it didn't get it's first airing until November 17th at Enfield Town.

Due to the way in which our kit is supplied, while we do request the colours and style that we would like, we don't actually know for sure exactly what we're going to get until we open the box upon delivery; much depends on what is available at the time of dispatch - in the past we have sometimes received an alternative style. This season, our strips were chosen by manager Gary McCann, and happily although late, we did receive what was requested.

Since we couldn't be sure exactly what we were due to receive, it was impossible to organise orders for replica shirts until now which we feel given our experience last season with shirts being made to order taking around 3 months to arrive leaves it too late in the season to provide an ordering period and get shirts to people in good time - we would probably be in a position to supply shirts in February at best.

We apologise for any disappointment and will aim to resolve some of these issues prior to the start of next season so we can supply replicas in a reasonable timeframe again.