Copthall update

Greensnet Editor
Fri 06 Dec 2002, 09:45

On the Greensline earlier this week, chairman Ivor Arbiter was interviewed about the move to Copthall. He confirmed that everything was progressing and although nothing was yet in writing, Barnet Council are committed to giving the club the lease to play football at Copthall, but there are still 101 details to be ironed out. The Ryman League have been to Copthall to tell us what work is required to bring it up to Premier Division standard. The intention is also to put plenty of money into the pitch so that we have a good quality playing surface. In an ideal world we'll start next season at Copthall, but because of the negotiations that are involved it may well be held back. It's believed that we currently have a 60% chance of starting next season at Copthall.

As to promotion to the Conference if we win the title, it is something that the board will seriously look into if we are still challenging in a few weeks time. It's not certain how close Copthall is to Conference standard as there are mixed messages regarding the number of seats required etc, and no promises can be made as planning permission in such a short time could be a problem. Things we'll be taken as they come along and we'll just have to see how things are going. Copthall stadium has plenty of potential to become a lovely stadium in years to come, and is the way to settle the club's long term future.

The question of transport came up, as Copthall is currently at least 15 minutes walk away from public transport, and Ivor did say that if necessary transport would be laid on from nearby tube or mainline railway stations and would be something else that is looked at as the move comes closer.