World Mental Health Day 2020 - Community Connections

Greensnet Editor
Sat 10 Oct 2020, 08:37

Today is World Mental Health Day and Hendon Football Club is delighted to announce a partnership with Ashford Place, our community sponsor, to be part of their Community Connections initiative to help combat the rising epidemic of loneliness and isolation.

Over Christmas 2018 you may remember that the club actively supported Christmas Connections by encouraging supporters to make a pledge to reach out to someone that may have been isolated and help to make them feel part of their local community.

After the success of this initiative Ashford Place rolled out Community Connections and we are proud to be able to support this programme and encourage our supporters to get involved.

The one thing we all have in common is that we have and are all impacted in some way by Covid-19. There are fewer opportunities now to find support to help us with our feelings of loss, isolation and fear. Many of us are worried about leaving our homes, have financial worries, have lost loved ones and are just unclear as how to behave regarding social distancing.

The programme's key objectives are:

To raise awareness of the negative impact of people experiencing loneliness and social exclusion.

To support individuals, local communities and businesses to find ways of supporting people who experience loneliness. Please be mindful of government regulations reagarding Covid-19.

Identify and support people to reduce their sense of loneliness and social exclusion.

For more information please see the Community Connections page on Ashford Place's website.

To make your pledge, simply click here and choose one of a number of ideas by which you can help someone that may be feeling lonely or isolated and help us begin to tackle the rising problem of loneliness and isolation in the London Borough of Brent.