World Mental Health Day 2020 - CAD Brent & Dementia Cafes

Greensnet Editor
Fri 09 Oct 2020, 10:22

Tomorrow is World Mental Health Day 2020 and as part of the build-up we have been taking a look at some of the community projects that Hendon Football Club and Silver Jubilee Park are part of helping those with mental health issues in the local community.

Today's focus is on dementia. About 18-months ago an over-50s club was set up on a Wednesday morning at Silver Jubilee Park with a number of activities laid on for local residents over the age of 50. Activities include walking football, chair exercises, arts and crafts and perhaps most importantly, the chance for people - particularly those suffering dementia and their carers - to meet others and feel the benefits of exercising both body and mind.

Alongside Community Action on Dementia (CAD) Brent, we are a community group of volunteers working with residents, businesses, faith communities, sports organisations, statutory services and people living with dementia to create a dementia friendly borough. We have had a number of conversations to define exactly what a dementia friendly borough looks like and we continue to talk to each other until we get this right. Alongside this we will support people who have ideas on how to achieve our vision.

These maybe ideas for a dementia friendly local street, a Ward or indeed across the borough. It may be focused on people living with dementia or could be about e.g. creating greater awareness of dementia amongst people in Brent.

Alongside the over-50s club Rob and the team at SJP run a Dementia Cafe on a Wednesday morning in the clubhouse giving those living with this debilitating illness and those that care for them the chance to enjoy a warm welcome, a chat and to build a vital support network in a safe environment over a cup of tea.

Again, through the work undertaken by Rob and the team at SJP, Hendon Football Club are proud to be part of creating a dementia friendly borough within the London Borough of Brent.