Luca Allinson Q&A

Greensnet Editor
Fri 17 Apr 2020, 09:38

The player's Q&As continue to come thick and fast, today we're keeping it in the family as Luca Allinson is the player to get the grilling.

Best football memory? Playing against Luton at Kenilworth Road

Most embarrassing football moment? Probably coming off at half time for Biggleswade with a downstairs issue...

Messi or Ronaldo? Messi all day long

If you had to be on lockdown with 3 players who would it be and why? Percy and Corcs are an unbelievable duo so would have to be them two and Tommy Brewer just to lift things

Who wouldn't you want to be on lockdown with and why? Liam Brooks... love him but a bad influence

Best looking in your dressing room? Shaun Lucien although Corcs looks very nice in a Reiss suit

Worst trainer? Would be unfair not to say Tommy Brewer.. never seen him at training so would have to be him

Slowest player? Easily Tommy Smith, moves faster with a brace on his leg

Most skilful? Shaun or Percy

What made you join Hendon? Lee told me I wouldn't get fed again so it was an easy decision

Favourite singer / band? Whoever sings I’m closing at Winter Wonderland

Favourite takeaway? Pizza

Who did you play for as a youth? Stevenage & Biggleswade

What do you like to do in your spare time? Bit of a gamer

Snog, Marry, Avoid - a teammate? I'd snog Joe White so I could tell the Grandkids, marry Corcs for the money and avoid Simeon

Biggest influence in your football career? My Mum and Lee

Worst dress sense? Joe White, don't think he owns a pair of jeans

Hendon 5 a side team? Northy, Forbsy, Corcs, Brooksy & Joe White

Many thanks to Luca for his time in answering the survey, he's nominated Liam Brooks to go next, look out for that one sometime tomorrow.