Lucas Perry Q&A

Greensnet Editor
Thu 16 Apr 2020, 10:00

The player's Q&A continue today with left-back Lucas Perry taking on the challenge and meeting it head on.

Best football memory? Getting to the play off final for Barton in the first year of men's football

Most embarrassing football moment? Scoring an own goal in the last 5 mins for Biggleswade against Barwell

Messi or Ronaldo? Messi

If you had to be on lockdown with 3 players who would it be and why? Percy & Corcs because their relationship kills me every time & Tommy Brewer

Who wouldn't you want to be on lockdown with and why? Probably Tingey cos he's quiet

Best looking in your dressing room? Gotta go with Luca & I know Tommy Brewer does a bit too

Worst trainer? Tommy Brewer as he's always getting rubs

Slowest player? Corcs

Most skilful? Percy

What made you join Hendon? I feel I was playing my best football with Lee & had a good relationship with him. Also the boys that came over with me I have a good relationship with all of them and enjoy playing with them

Favourite singer / band? Nafe Smallz

Favourite takeaway? Chinese

Who did you play for as a youth? Luton Town

What do you like to do in your spare time? I like going for meals & watching the NBA

Song, marry, avoid - a teammate? No comment

Biggest influence in your football career? That would be my mum as she’s taken me everywhere when I was younger and still comes to most my games now

Worst dress sense? That has got to be Eddie and that burgundy vest with watching pants

Hendon 5 a side team? Northy, Percy, Sol, Brooksy & Shaun

Many thanks to LP for taking the time out to provide his answers, Lucas has nominated Luca Allinson to go next and we'll bring you his answers tomorrow.