Anderson speaks about recent departures

Greensnet Editor
Sun 01 Dec 2002, 10:00

As reported a few days ago Hendon lost two players last week in entirely different circumstances. First midfielder Adrian Clarke, on loan from Stevenage Borough was recalled by the Nationwide Conference club after another club in the league offered him a permanent deal. "It was always the agreement," said Hendon boss Dave Anderson, "if a team came in for Adrian we would let him go. We had agreed for him to stay for a second month, but once another club wanted to take him on, that was the end of it."

On a less happy note, striker Brian Haule has joined his brother Davis at Harrow Borough. "I feel very bitter," said Mr Anderson. "I believe that Brian lied to me over his situation." The youngster, who made such a spectacular debut for Hendon in September picked up an ankle injury a few weeks ago and was doing his rehab away from the club. Despite frequent requests to come to the club - Hendon wished to offer him a contract - Brian stayed away, citing a number of different reasons for failing to appear. Mr Anderson spoke with Haule the weekend before last and they agreed to meet at Haule's house to sign the contract. However, when Mr Anderson turned up at the house, there was nobody there. An official notice of approach was then received from Harrow Borough. Last Thursday, Anderson and Haule met at Claremont Road and the young striker was let go without further ado. "I have been in management and coaching for 15 years and have never been treated like that by a player. He has been badly advised." stormed Mr Anderson