Message from the Supporters Committee

Greensnet Editor
Thu 20 Jan 2005, 14:00

The Supporters Association Committee are aware that some supporters are unhappy with how they have been represented by the commitee in the past few months. However, no supporter has actually approached any committee directly with any complaints and the recent offer on this messageboard to pass questions on to the club drew a response from just three supporters. Those questions have been passed on to the board as promised. We have also spoken to the board regarding the lack of information that has been forthcoming regarding the move to Copthall, and will continue to push for a statement from the board.

We are also aware that certain supporters have called for the heads of the committee. Therefore we would like to draw your attention to clause 16 in the constitution of the association which states: "The Committee may, whenever they think fit, convene a Special General Meeting. The Secretary, on a signed requisition by at least twenty-four bona fide members, must call a Special General Meeting at any time and for any purpose." It should be noted that only existing members of the Association would be able to attend the meeting. Should any supporter feel that a special meeting of the association is necessary, then they are welcome to contact the association secretary accordingly via the club office.

If supporters wish to either put their views to the committee or the club they should contact the club directly either by e-mail or in writing, or by seeing a committee member on a matchday. There is no guarantee that comments made on the messageboard will be seen by the relevant people, and the only way of ensuring they are read and dealt with, is to contact the people concerned directly.