McCann disappointed with Ofori

Greensnet Editor
Thu 08 Sep 2005, 13:00

Gary McCann has today expressed his disappointment concerning the approach by Braintree Town to sign Eugene Ofori in a full and frank conversation with Greensnet.

As was announced on the website earlier this week, the club received a seven day approach from Braintree who wanted to sign Eugene Ofori. When Gary contacted Eugene to let him know about the approach, he was surprised to discover that Eugene had already agreed terms with Braintree.

When a club wishes to speak to a non-contract player, the rules dictate that they should put in a seven day approach. The seven days commence from the date of the postmark on the letter, which in this case was 31st August although it didn't arrive in the club office until Tuesday morning. Therefore the seven days expired yesterday and today is officially the first day that Braintree are able to speak to Eugene regarding terms. As a result of his conversation with Eugene on Tuesday, Gary firmly believes that the Braintree Town management had already been in talks with Eugene despite no official approach being made.

Gary and Andy Pape are very angry that George Borg didn't follow the correct channels and contact them first to ask permission to speak to Eugene, particularly as they had both been players under Mr Borg. Andy is particularly upset as he had made several hundred appearances for Mr Borg at Enfield and Aldershot Town. AFC Wimbledon had approached the club in the correct manner regarding signing Eugene and permission was granted for Dave Anderson to speak to him although as it happened nothing came of the discussions.

Gary made it clear that the club will never stand in the way of a player if they want to move on although they will always aim to do everything in their power to persuade players to stay with the club. If Braintree had done the same as AFC Wimbledon, Gary would have happily given them permission to speak to Eugene.

Gary went on to speak of his disappointment regarding how Eugene has conducted himself in the past few days and said "Eugene has shown that he has no affinity for the club. He wasn't ill on Tuesday night as mentioned in the match report but simply didn't show up at Walton & Hersham. By doing that he let the club down, his teammates down and the fans down. He has been fined the maximum penalty by the club. He was one of the highest paid players at the club over the past three years, the club have done a lot for him since he signed and sadly Eugene has repaid this by showing no loyalty to the club preferring to go to a club that are able to pay him more than double his current wages."

Gary concluded by saying that he wants all supporters to be clear that whilst Eugene leaving the club will be a loss on the pitch he is extremely disappointed and angry at the way he and Braintree Town has conducted themselves. The situation has left a very sour taste in the mouth of everyone at the club and particularly Gary and Andy. It is expected that the transfer of Eugene to Braintree Town will be concluded in the next few days.