Have you signed up yet?

Greensnet Editor
Fri 18 Aug 2006, 09:45

Have you signed up to the Supporters Trust or the Snowball Lotto yet? If not, then you will be able to do so on Saturday afternoon at the first game of the season. If you sign up to the Snowball Lotto and pay £5 on the day, then you will be entered for the August draw which will be drawn at the Leyton game on 28th August for which the first prize currently stands at over £100. For more information on the Snowball Lotto please see Dave Garner who will be outside the club shop. If you want to sign up to the trust, or make a regular monthly donation, forms will be available inside the club shop.

Also on Saturday afternoon the trust will be launching a new Birthday draw. A large chart has been drawn up with all the days of the year. For just £1 per square you can pick any date(s) you want. Once the board has been filled, one date will be drawn and the person who has chosen that date will win £100. To take part, please see Mike Harte who will be outside the club shop on Saturday afternoon.