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Under 17s News, 1925/1926

Sunday 28 November - Another win for Juniors

After the [first team] match with Barnet on Saturday, Hampstead Town Juniors entertained Child's Hill Juniors, a good game ending in a win for Hampstead Town by four goals to one. Bucci, Carroll (2) and Lowton scored for Hampstead, one being obtained from a penalty. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 30/4/1926)

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Friday 26 November - Juniors still unbeaten

Hampstead Town Juniors met Rutland Juniors in a friendly on Good Friday. Rutland, hoping to avenge their previous defeat, put a strong team in the field, and Pellow reappeared for Hampstead. Some fine forward movements soon resulted in Carroll scoring for Hampstead. Rutland then attacked, but could not penetrate Hampstead's defence, which was very sound. From Sales' centre, Carroll scored again. From a breakaway Rutland reduced the lead, but Reeder and Sales (2) brought Hampstead's total to five. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 9/4/1926)

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Thursday 25 November - Juniors win again

Hampstead Town Juniors beat Acton and Chiswick Polytechnic by three goals to one, the losers obtaining theirs by one of the Hampstead halves putting the ball through his own goal. Sales equalised for Hampstead before half-time, and in the second half, when they had the advantage of the wind, Carroll and Bucci scored further goals for Hampstead. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 26/3/1926)

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Wednesday 24 November - Juniors' double over All Souls'

Hampstead Town Juniors and All Souls', Harlesden met in a Willesden Minor Hospital League game on Saturday. Although much the lighter team, the Juniors soon pressed, the All Souls' goalkeeper having plenty to do. From a free kick nicely placed by Bucci, Lowton scored for the Juniors. Further goals were scored in the first half by Lawrence and Lowton. The second half was more even, but the Juniors by some fine combination brought their total to six [without reply], Sales scoring two goals. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 19/3/1926)

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Sunday 21 November - Juniors content with five goals

Hampstead Town Juniors registered another success on Saturday in the Willesden Minor Hospital League, All Souls', Harlesden being beaten by five goals to one. Lowton (3), Monk and Lawrence scored for Hampstead, and would have obtained many more goals but for the fine display of the opposition custodian. Fast football was witnessed, and the forward work of the Juniors was most commendable. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 26/2/1926)

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Sunday 21 November - Juniors score 25 goals!!

Hampstead Town Minors scored no fewer than 25 goals in their Willesden Minor League match with Lincoln Athletic, at Neasden, the Athletic, who scored once, late in the game, through a mistake by the opposing defence, being played to a standstill. As may be gathered by the score, the Hampstead goalkeeper had an idle afternoon. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 19/2/1926)

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Sunday 21 November -

Hampstead Town Juniors met Glendene [Athletic] in a friendly on Saturday [, winning by 4-0.] The ground was very heavy. Hampstead soon opened their score through Lowton, and good work by the left wing resulted in Reeder scoring a second. Glendene pressed but could not beat the Hampstead defence, though Martin, in goal, had several shots to save. Both sets of forwards showed good combination but Glendene lacked finish. Carroll scored the third for the Juniors, and a fine centre by Sales gave Lowton the opportunity to put them further ahead. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 12/2/1926)

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Saturday 20 November -

In this Willesden Minor League match Hampstead Town [Juniors] showed much better ball control [than McVitie and Price], and won easily by eight goals to none. The defence was very sound, the backs allowing the goalkeeper to have a comfortable afternoon. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 5/2/1926)

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Friday 19 November -

Hampstead Town Juniors and Park Avenue Athletic met in a friendly on a very heavy ground, but this seemed to suit the Juniors, as goals were soon scored by Lowton and Licency. Park attacked but the Hampstead defence was sound. Good combined work by Hampstead forwards led to further goals for Sales and Lawrence, and the game ended in a win for them by eight clear goals. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 29/1/1926)

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Friday 19 November - Juniors only score seven

In this Willesden Minor League match the [Hampstead Town] Juniors ' forwards settled down quickly, and scored three times. Then West Hampstead [Athletic] attacked, but the Town's defence was sufficiently sound to prevent their opponents scoring more than once. As the game proceeded the Town again put up a strong attack, and raised their total to seven. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 22/1/1926)

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Friday 19 November - Juniors in double figures again

The Hampstead Town Juniors once again ran their score into double figures, fifteen goals being obtained in a friendly match with Clayton [who scored once]. Six of the goals were scored by Carroll, and four by Lowton. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 15/1/1926)

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Friday 19 November -

The friendly between Hampstead Town Juniors and the Saints F.C. on Saturday resulted in a victory for the Juniors by 16-0. The Hampstead defence was very strong, and although the Saints broke through several times, they were unable to score. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 8/1/1926)

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Thursday 18 November -

In this match, a friendly [with St. Mary's Scouts (Hendon)], Hampstead Town Juniors led at the interval by three goals to love, Monk scoring twice (once from a penalty) and Lawrence getting a third. In the second half the Scouts attacked strongly, and made the scores level through Nayel, Dunn and Trimm, but Hampstead came along with another trio, Gellard, Lawrence and Carroll doing the needful [to make the final score 6-3 to the Juniors.] (Hendon & Finchley Times, 1/1/1926)

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Wednesday 17 November -

Hampstead Town Juniors won their Willesden Minor League match against West Hampstead Athletic by three goals to none. Lowton and Lawrence scored in the first half and Lawrence in the second. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 18/12/1925)

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Wednesday 17 November - Juniors draw with McVitie & Price

In this Willesden Minor League game on Saturday Hampstead [Town] Juniors were unable to show their usual form on a frozen ground against the weighty team [of McVitie and Price], although by no means disgracing themselves. From a fine centre by Jones, Lowton opened for Hampstead and although McVitie soon equalised, Sales, on the right wing, broke away and scored. McVitie equalised the scores by the interval. Both forwards now fought for the advantage, and McVitie had drawn ahead with two goals, putting Hampstead on their mettle. A pretty piece of combination resulted in a goal for Carroll, which was followed by another from Sales. No further goals were scored, leaving the game finally undecided [as a 4-4 draw.] From "Gleanings from Sports Clubs" : Hampstead Town Juniors last Saturday scored their hundredth goal of the season. Only nine have been registered against them. The principal contributors to the century are Lowton (32), Lawrence (24), Carroll (12), and Jones (9). As most of the boys are under 16, and are opposed to many who have reached 18 or 19 years, this is a good performance. In League games the Hampstead Juniors have scored 44 goals to seven. (Both articles from the Hendon & Finchley Times, 11/12/1925)

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Tuesday 16 November -

In this Willesden Minor League match [against Lincoln] Hampstead Town [Juniors] clearly showed their superiority [by winning by 12 goals to 1.] At the interval they were leading by three goals (Lawrence (2) and Lowton) to one; and upon changing ends further goals were scored for Hampstead by Carroll (3), Moses (2), Jones, Tierney, Monk (from penalty) and Lowton. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 4/12/1925)

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Monday 15 November -

In a Willesden Minor League game on Saturday the Villa [Crusaders] attacked at the outset, but were repulsed, and through fine understanding Carroll and Lowton scored for Hampstead [Town Juniors] before the interval. In the second half Lawrence scored twice and Dello converted a penalty[, Hampstead thus winning by 5-0]. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 27/11/1925)

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Monday 15 November -

Hampstead Town Juniors met St. Michael's in the Willesden Minor League on Saturday, winning by 8 goals to 2. The game opened with an attack from both sides in turn, until St. Michael's, by a smart run down from the right wing, opened the scoring. Hampstead replied before the interval with two goals from Lowton. In the second half the St. Michael's goalkeeper played a good game against continured pressure from the Juniors, who were well supported by their defence, Licency bringing their score up to three goals. This was followed by three more from Licency and another from Lowton. Some misunderstanding before the Junior's goal brought St. Michael's score up to two. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 20/11/1925, with expanded first sentence)

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Monday 15 November - Clayton Rovers beaten

Hampstead Town Juniors and Clayton Rovers met in a friendly last Saturday, Hampstead winning by 8 goals to 1. A fine run by Sales allowed Lowton to open the score for Hampstead, followed by another from each of Lowton and Sales shortly after. A smart piece of work from the Junior forwards resulted in a goal from Carroll and Lawrence, but the Rovers then made a start with a goal from Parker from a sharp run on the wing. Although the play was more even in the second half, Hampstead were quite equal to the occasion, goals being scored by Monk and Carroll (2). (Hendon & Finchley Times, 14/11/1925 with expanded first sentence)

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Sunday 14 November - Minors win 13-0 again

Hampstead Town Minors met Kildare (Whiteley's) in a friendly game last Saturday, and won by 13-0 for the second match running. Kildare's attack, early in the game, was well repulsed by the defence put up by the Minors, who broke through, Carroll registering the first goal followed shortly after by another from Jones. At the inteval the score stood at 5-0 in Hampstead's favour, the other scorers being Lowton (2) and a converted penalty from Monk. In spite of the re-arrangement of Kildare's defence in the second half, Hampstead again took the lead and brought their score up to 13, Sales, Jones, Lawrence (2) and Lowton (4) all finding the net. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 6/11/1925 with expanded opening sentence)

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Sunday 14 November - Minors win 13-0

Hampstead Town Minors met and beat All Souls (Hampstead) by 13 goals to nil on Saturday. Hampstead attacked from the opening but the excellent defence of the All Souls' goalkeeper kept them for a time at bay, but he was eventually beaten by Jones. A fine run by Sales resulted in a second goal for Hampstead. In the second half All Souls played hard to equalise, but they could not penetrate their opponents' defence, whose superiority began to assert itself. Scorers: Lowton (6), Lawrence (2), Jones (4) and Sales. ( Hendon & Finchley Times 30/10/1925, with opening sentence added)

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Friday 12 November - Willesden Old Boys beaten

Hampstead Town Minors met Willesden Old Boys in a friendly game last Saturday at King Edward's Park, Willesden. Willesden attacked at once and with the help of a strong wind got the ball between the posts but were offside. Willesden's goalkeeper played a good game against the Hampstead attack, but at last they got through and Lawton scored. This was followed by a goal from Lawrence, in Hampstead's favour, from a fine centre by Sales. In the second half Hampstead commenced to assert their superiority and both Lawrence (3) and Lawton scored. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 23/10/1925)

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Wednesday 10 November - Another five for Minors

Hampstead Town Minors are still looking for a minor team to lower their colours. On Saturday they beat Acton and Chiswick Polytechnic by five goals to nil. Next week they visit Mr. Starr's ex-Willesden Schols team at King Edward Park, Willesden, when a large crowd is expected to watch so many ex-Willesden schoolboys at play. Nine of the Hampstead team are "Willesdenites." (From "Sports Gleanings", Hendon & Finchley Times, 16/10/1925)

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Wednesday 10 November - Minors win again

Hampstead Town Minor team were again victorious, beating the Hendon Scouts by five goals to one. This was the first goal scored against the Minors this season, their goal average at present being 26 goals for, one goal against. (From "Sports Gleanings", Hendon & Finchley Times, 9/10/1925)

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Wednesday 10 November - Minors win 15

[Last Saturday, after the London League match, Hampstead Town Minors played St. Saviour's and won by fifteen goals to nil.] Hampstead's Minors are a very "warm" lot of youngsters. In two matches they have scored 21 to 0. They are all ex-Willesden and Hampstead schoolboys, and more than one of them will wear the first team jerseys before many seasons are passed. A crowd of several hundred stayed to watch them trounce St. Saviour's, after the London League game on Saturday, and were not disappointed in the football displayed by these lads of 16. ( From "Sports Gleanings", Hendon & Finchley Times, 2/10/1925)

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Tuesday 09 November - Hampstead Minors win

Hampstead Town's Minor team will be on show after the first team match on Saturday. These youngsters of 16 are well worth watching. Carroll, their inside-right, scored four goals on Saturday, Lowton and Jones adding further goals in their 6-0 win over West Hampstead Minors. (From "Sports Gleanings", Hendon & Finchley Times, 18/9/1925)

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