Reserves News, 1933/1934

Friday 22 September - Catford Wanderers w in, but only after hard fight

Golders Green Reserves played a good game when they met Catford Wanderers in a friendly match at Claremont Road on Saturday. The result was two goals to one in favour of the visiting team. Golders Green, with a much lighter and less mature side, put up a remarkably fine fight. They were leading until well into the second half. Within a minute or two of the kick-off Golders Green opened the scoring. Knott sent a fine shot across to Bramley, who scored a splendid goal with a 25 yards' kick. From that time Golders Green remained mainly in the Wanderers' half, but the game was mostly uninteresting. Without Bramley's goal the first half would have been very dull. Catford Wanderers proved disappointing until towards half-time, when they began to brighten up. The second half opened with Golders Green attacking strongly, but Catford, who retreated under the onslaught, soon recovered, and eventually Bryant scored after a fine solo effort. Taking the ball at the halfway line, he found himself with only Elwell and the goalkeeper to beat. Eluding the back, he shot past Godding, who ran out to meet him. The second goal came a few moment later, when after some cross-shooting in front of the goal, Evans took a pass and netted a goal from an easy distance. Golders Green successfully dislodged the opposing forwards and then concentrated all their energy on attacking in an endeavour to draw level. They were dogged by bad luck, however, and often when on the verge of scoring were robbed of the ball. Nevertheless they successfully penned their opponents in their own half and except for a few breakaways, which were promptly stifled, Catford did not do much more attacking. There was no further score, and the game, which in its early stages looked as though it was going to be decidedly uninteresting, concluded with a really fine fight on Golders Green's part. The home team had turned out a pleasing side and their visitors did not have that easy victory which many expected. Godding, in goal, was safe. Seldom was he caught napping, and he is quickly proving himself a real acquisition. Elwell, who was quite well supported by Shephard, had regained much of his former sparkle and played a much steadier game. Ward, Bloxham and Joyce proved a strong half-back line. Ward is a steady player and Joyce is well-known for his greediness for work. Both gave splendid support to both the attack and defence. S. Bloxham, returning to the team after a long absence, did not seem to be quite settled. The forward line was a real pleasure to watch. Lawrence, the baby of the team, is rapidly settling down to become a steady, useful player. He is quickly losing fault of getting out of position and has a nice turn of speed. It was pleasant to see that tenacious player, Preece, back with the team again. Bramley, Butler and Knott completed a most satisfactory side. Catford Wanderers were stronger on the defence than the attack. One or two of the forwards seemed uncertain. Miles was an excellent goalkeeper, and to him was due Golders Green's inability to score. Golders Green : A. Godding; E. Shephard, A.H. Elwell; L.R. Ward, S. Bloxham, W. Joyce; R. Lawrence, G.H. Preece, W. Bramley, A. Butler, H. Knott. Catford Wanderers : R. Miles; J. Dyson, G. Osbourne; W. Stevens, G.W. Williams, H. Woffenden; A. Shales, E. Bryant, Elwyn Evans, J. Cranshaw, K. Carter (Hendon Times & Borough Guardian, 22/09/1933, p.16)

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Friday 15 September - Reserves badly beaten

The return match at Claremont Road, on Saturday, between Golders Green Reserves and Walthamstow Avenue Reserves proved a most disappointing affair, Golders Green going down by five goals to two. Golders Green, turning out with a much stronger team than on the previous week, also had the advantage of playing on their own ground, but their game seemed very patchy and uncertain. The back line had been altered, two of last year's players, Elwell and Joyce, replacing King and Rogers. On the half-back line White had been put in to steady it, while Bramley strengthened the attack. Judging by the previous week's game, which, it will be remembered, was drawn at one goal each, it seemed as if Golders Green was in for a decisive victory. Walthamstow had also made some changes, especially in the forward line. They had also tightened up their defence. Golders Green opened the game by going on the attack and had almost reached their opponents' goal before the Walthamstow defence recovered sufficiently to check them. After a brief repulse they went back again and a nice movement by Rogers might have resulted in a goal for Golders Green but for a misjudgment by Lawrence. The ball was now carried from end to end of the field and the Walthamstow goalkeeper was given some trying moments. No time was being wasted and the game, although devoid of incident of note, was entertaining. After having twice missed an open goal, Golders Green opened the scoring. The ball had been carried into Walthamstow's half and a nice forward pass by Edwards gave Bramley his chance to net it. Golders Green's luck now turned and although they were in front of their opponents' goal for some time they were unable to score. A few minutes before half-time Walthamstow equalised though Bailey following a nice left wing movement which outwitted the Golders Green backs. A minute or two later, owing to a mistake by Elwell, Walthamstow again scored, this time through Anderson. Two further mistakes by Elwell enabled Bailey to bring Walthamstow's score up to four before the half-time whistle blew. Golders Green opened the second half attacking strongly in an effort to reduce the visiting team's formidable lead, but Walthamstow had added their fifth goal through Langford from a melee in the goalmouth before they could put a check on them. The home team worked hard but without success. Knott, on the left wing, was doing stalwart service and from a fine pass of his Bramley was able to score Golders Green's second goal. They seemed to make a recovery, but it was too late, and the final whistle blew with the score at 5-2 in Walthamstow's favour. Godding, in goal for Golders Green, put up a good fight against heavy odds, and again merited his inclusion in the team. Elwell was a great disappointment in his first game of the season and a quick return to his last year's form will be welcomed. Joyce, usually a half-back, worked well in support of Elwell, and saved some awkward situations. The half-back line was a good combination, White getting splendid support from J. Rogers and Ward. The forward line did not seem to hold together enough, there was a lack of combination, and although each man worked hard they did not seem to get anywhere. The Walthamstow attack was much stronger and heavier than that of Golders Green, and their men had a fine turn of speed. Bailey, on the left wing, put up a nice performance. The defence was s trong, and Sedgwick, in goal, put up a good show. Golders Green: A. Godding; A.H. Elwell, W. Joyce; L.R. Ward, R. White, J. Rogers; R. Lawrence, J. Edwards, W. Bramley, A. Butler, H. Knott. Walthamstow Avenue: F. Sedgwick; A. Seear, B. Smith; A. Burton, G. Pattle, W. Harris; H. Harris, J.Anderson, H. Langford, D. McCorkell, A. Bailey. (Hendon Times & Borough Guardian, 15/09/1933, p.14)

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Friday 08 September - Reserves draw opening game

Owing to the fact that they had lost several of their best men, who were either appearing for the first team or still away on holiday, Golders Green Reserves met Walthamstow Avenue Reserves in their first Athenian League game on Saturday with a team which included only two of last season's side and several juniors. In spite of this they put up a remarkably fine performance and held their own against a much heavier side. The match ended in a draw, each team scoring one goal. This result was consistent with the play. J.F. Edwards, captaining Golders Green, lost the toss, and they had to kick off into a brilliant sun. The weather conditions and hardness of the ground were not conducive to good football. From the beginning Golders Green pressed hard and following an interesting forward line movement were soon on top of their opponent's goal. They had made several attempts and almost scored before the Avenue drove them back. Godding, in Golders Green's goal, now had some work and acquitted himself with honours. The defenders, who showed some weakness under the pressure of the Walthamstow attack, cleared, however, and the forwards, who were beginning to settle down into a pleasing combination, once more went on the attack and would have scored but for an accidental handling by one of their men. The game so far had been exciting and Golders Green were showing themselves to be equal to their much more experienced opponents. The pace seemed to be telling on both sides and there was a period of uninteresting play until shortly before half-time, when Golders Green opened the scoring through Compton. King had sent across a strong shot from almost on the halfway line which was taken up by Butler, who sent it out to Compton on the left wing., He finished what was a very fine movement by netting the ball from a difficult angle. The second half opened with Wathamstow pressing. They ran the ball up the field and there was some cross-shooting in front of Golders Green's goal which culminated in a melee out of which Mason scored. Golders Green immediately attacked again and were soon worrying the Walthamstow defence. They were repulsed, however, and there followed a long period of midfield play in which Golders Green held their own. Subsequently they had to act on the defence and Godding, in Golders Green's goal, put up a brilliant display. But for him the score must have been well in Walthamstow's favour. King and L. Rogers on the back line, showed weakness under pressure, while Rogers was too fond of dribbling the ball instead of clearing. Ward, the centre half, put up a fine performance and was quite well supported. The forward line, with Edwards and Butler to steady them, proved fast and tenacious, while Compton and Lawrence, the wingers, showed great promise. Lawrence, however, was apt to lose his position. Walthamstow proved a disappointing side with weakness on the attack. Sedgewick, in goal, made some good saves. Golders Green : A.C. Godding; R. King, L. Rogers; G. Wareham, L.R. Ward, J. Rogers; R. Lawrence, J.F. Edwards, H. Knott, A. Butler, D. Compton. Walthamstow Avenue : F. Sedgewick; B. Mayers, A. Seear; E. Sudbury, G. Pattle, W. Harris; H. Wright, W.E. Mason, H. Langford , J. Anderson, A. Bailey. (Hendon Times & Borough Guardian, 08/09/1933, p.16)

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