Reserves News, 1929/1930

Friday 21 March - Reserves draw at Leyton

A singular feature of the game at Leyton was the number of goals that were not allowed on account of offside, J. Trevers having to pick the ball out of the net on four occasions during the first half and once again during the second, but none of these goals were allowed to count. The third should have been allowed to stand, as it appeared to be quite a legitimate goal. However, such is the luck of football, but the referee had no doubts whatsoever. Hampstead were severely tried in the first half and rarely crossed the half-way line, Leyton showing good form, but Hampstead's goal was kept intact by the splendid play of J. Trevers, who made some fine saves, and the crowd showed their sporting spirit by giving him a rousing cheer as he left the field at half-time, there being no score on either side. The second half underwent a welcome change and Hampstead showed up better. Several corners fell to Hampstead, but Leyton cleared their lines. Leyton's fowards were very dangerous on occasions, their wingers showing great form, and from a corner Danes headed into the net, J. Trevers having no chance. Hampstead would not give up trying, and Kemp, after missing with one or two good shots, forced his way through the backs and brought Dellar to his knees. He could only push the ball out, and G. Trevers, coming up, rounded Dellar and put the ball into the empty net. One goal each with ten minutes to go, the air was electric, each side striving hard for the all-important extra goal. Several good chances were missed through over-eagerness, and both sides were thoroughly tired out when the final whistle went with honours even, a fine performance by the Reserves, who have not yet lost at Leyton. J. Trevers, on leaving the field, was literally mobbed by the crowd for his splendid work, and it was well deserved. Hampstead : - J. Trevers; S. Bloxham, F. Dean; W.F. Bell, H.J. Mead, J. Corsby; W.F. Watson, G. Trevers, E.C. Kemp, J.F. Edwards, F.A. Cooper. (Hendon Times & Guardian, 21/03/1930, p.17)

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Friday 14 March - Reserves win 3-2 at Sutton

Too much feeling and poor refereeing (the whistle continually going) spoilt the play at Sutton on Saturday last. Following the kick-off Hampstead rushed through and from a centre by Holton on the right wing, Edwards scored a fine goal from about twenty yards out. Sutton retaliated and forced several corners without success, and they were very unlucky when Manners struck the underside of the crossbar, but Hampstead very luckily cleared their lines. Play veered round to first one side and then the other, but both sets of halves played well and spoilt many good moves on both sides. Following severe pressure Sutton eventually scored through Manners. Crossing over Hampstead played better and came near to scoring on several occasions and Kemp netted, but the whistle had gone for an infringement. It eventually fell to Sutton to take the lead from a penalty. From the place kick Hampstead once more went through and Kemp scored with a nice kick from a pass by Hunt. Kemp on another occasion had very bad luck with a very fine shot which the goal-keeper just cleared. Tempers were becoming somewhat ruffled and there was far too much of the whistle, and the referee quite lost control of the game, and play suffered in consequence. About ten minutes from the end Kemp was fouled in the penalty area and Little made no mistake with the spot kick, and Hampstead ran out winners by three goals to two. Hampstead : - J. Trevers; S. Bloxham, F. Dean; W.F. Bell, W.C. Little, H. Mead; E.G. Holton, J.L. Watson, E.C. Kemp, J.F. Edwards, C. Hunt. (Hendon Times & Guardian, 14/03/1930, p. 17)

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Friday 07 March - Reserves lose at home

A fairly good attendance saw Hampstead Reserves lose their first home League fixture to Enfield, who won a good game by four goals to one, although the score does not fairly represent the run of the play, Hampstead having as much of the play as their opponents, but Enfield, by their fine tackling and good length kicking of the defence, won the day. They were, however, a little too robust, and the purposeless kicking into touch on many occasions somewhat spoilt what was otherwise a good display. Hampstead was at first aggressive and inside eight minutes Mead ran through to give Hampstead the lead. Enfield, however, fought back and Gyselman, on the left wing, played in his best style, and from a corner taken by him, Walsh had the misfortune to put through his own goal. From another opening on the left Gyselman netted, this time Dean miskicking and unsighting Morgan in goal. During a raid by Enfield Walker was fouled outside the penalty area, and he scored from the free kick. Just prior to this incident Corsby unfortunately ricked his ankle and had to retire. Although resuming soon after the interval he was of little use, and he took up the outside-right position. Hampstead became disorganised and although they did most of the attacking they failed to score, the forwards being all at sea. As frequently happens, Hansard, from a breakaway, scored for Enfield, and they maintained the lead until the end. For Hampstead, Bloxham played a sterling game, as did G. Trevers and Mead, and prior to his injury Corsby was the best man on the field. For Enfield both Gyselman and Hansard played well, and so did Atterton at right-back. Hampstead : - C. Morgan; S. Bloxham, F. Dean; G Trevers, H. Mead, J. Corsby; A. Rice, C. Walsh, C.E. Kemp, C. Hunt, F. Cooper. (Hendon Times & Guardian, 07/03/1930, p.11)

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Friday 21 February - Reserves lose at Barnet

In the absence of a league game, the Reserves visited Barnet last Saturday, and the opportunity was taken to try out some new forwards. Two of these showed promise and each scored two goals, and will no doubt be given a further trial. Barnet eventually ran out winners by seven goals to five. Tomorrow (Saturday) the Reserves visit Hitchin Town, also in a friendly. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 21/02/1930, p.11)

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Friday 14 February - Reserves crush Cheshunt

Playing at home on Saturday, the Reserves easily accounted for Cheshunt by eight goals to one, and they thoroughly deserved their victory, as they played well throughout and adapted themselves to the conditions better than their opponents. At the interval Hampstead led by six goals to one, Kemp getting five and Watson the other. On changing ends Butland scored twice. Mead, as the pivot, played one of his best games and contributed largely to the victory. Hampstead : - J. Trevers; S. Bloxham, F. Dean; G. Trevers, H. Mead, J. Corsby; J.O. Magee, F.L. Watson, E. Kemp, W.H. Butland, F.A. Cooper. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 14/02/1930, p.11)

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Friday 31 January - Reserves complete double over Redhill

Playing away from home, Hampstead Reserves did well to beat Redhill, as owing to some members missing the train they had to take the field minus their goal-keeper. During the shortage Kenny donned the sweater and soon found himself in difficulties, and he was easily beaten by Shelley early on. Trevers now appeared, but he had hardly got into his position before he had a high dropping shot to deal with, and it completely beat him. Hampstead was not perturbed by these early reverses, and a fine bout of attacking ended in Hampstead forcing several corner kicks in succession, and from one of these, well taken by Watson, the ball bobbed about in the goal-mouth and Kemp headed in. Midfield play was rather keen, but both defences held out, Redhill putting up a good fight. Unfortunately for Redhill, Webb sustained a rather bad injury in a tussle for possession with Kemp, and he was unable to resume. Redhill was severely handicapped all though the second half by his absence, but by playing one back was able to hold Hampstead for some time, several good openings being spoilt by offside. Turner played an excellent game for Redhill at back, and was a stumbling block to the Hampstead forwards. Mead put a very nice ground pass through to Bell, who tapped the ball out to Watson, and he working in brought the scores level. A similar movement from the centre later on brought its reward, Watson scoring a good goal. Hampstead was now on top and maintained pressure until the end and ran out winners by three goals to two. Hampstead : - J. Trevers; S. Bloxham, F. Dean; R. Kenny, H. Mead, J. Corsby;J. Watson, W. Bell, E. Kemp, J. Edwards, A. Potter. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 31/01/1930, p.11)

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Friday 17 January - Redhill Reserves crushed 7-1

Hampstead Reserves maintained their unbeaten home record by defeating Redhill to the tune of seven goals to one, and they thoroughly deserved their victory, as they played the better football under trying circumstances. At the interval Hampstead led by four goals to nil, and despite the fact that Potter did not turn out in the second half owing to injury, brought their number to seven, Redhill getting one goal. Limbrey's bag was five, Potter and G. Trevers obtaining the others. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 17/01/1930, p.11)

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Friday 27 December - Reserves in Christmas draw

Hampstead Reserves drew with Wealdstone Reserves (1-1) at Claremont-road on Christmas morning. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 27/12/1929, p.11 - final paragraph of report on Bromley Reserves match)

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Friday 27 December - Reserves maintain home record

Before a meagre attendance last Saturday Hampstead Reserves beat Bromley Reserves and so maintained their unbeaten home record, six games having been won at Claremont-road. Bromley were the first to score through Martin, but immediately Shone netted for Hampstead. Cooper was playing well on the left wing and from one of his passes Edwards beat Dewey. A penalty was awarded Hampstead shortly afterwards, from which Bloxham put Hampstead three up. Summerfield reduced the lead with a nice goal for Bromley, but Hampstead scored once more through Morton. Close on time Trevers made a fine save from a spot kick, and the game ended shortly afterwards in Hampstead's favour by four goals to two. For Hampstead, Wilton played a fine game at back, and Mead gave his best display this season. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 27/12/1929, p.11)

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Friday 13 December - Reserves draw at Cheshunt

Playing away from home, Hampstead [Reserves] did rather well to draw with Cheshunt [Reserves], 4-4, but they should have made the issue safe in the first half, as they had the advantage of playing down hill and a rather high wind at their backs. From the start Hampstead attacked and inside ten minutes were one goal up. After a nice piece of work on the left Watson neatly tapped the ball to Rice, who easily beat Cheshunt's goal-keeper. Shortly afterwards Morton put across a nice centre for Watson to score. Cheshunt now got going and from a breakaway their inside-left just missed the upright by inches. They were not to be denied, however, and danger was continually coming from their right wing man, who was putting across some nice centres, and from one of these Cheshunt's outside-left scored. Hampstead now improved and a spell of pressure brought its reward in two quick goals, the first being a particularly fine shot by Bell into the far corner from thirty yards range, and the second by Seddon, who secured from a throw-in and sent in a great shot into the opposite side of the goal, and Hampstead crossed over leading four goals to one. Owing to the high wind it was only to be expected that Cheshunt would have the better of the second half, and Hampstead was penned in in their own half for quite a long while, and the defence was hard pressed to keep Cheshunt out. Cheshunt's outside-right was not marked sufficiently and every time he got the ball was especially troublesome, and his centres spelt danger for Hampstead, and inside of a few minutes both Cheshunt's centre-forward and outside-right scored for them. Then they came again and found the net once more, thus drawing level, and it appeared certain that they would add further goals, but Hampstead was able to keep them out. Just a minute from time a fine chance of winning the game was lost by Morton putting just outside the post. Hampstead : - J. Trevers; W.G. Lee, S. Bloxham; H.J. Mead, J.P. Wilton, C. Seddon; S. Morton, W.F. Bell, A.E. Rice, J.L. Watson, J.O. Magee. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 13/12/1929, p.13)

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Friday 29 November - Reserves' good win over Southall

Hampstead Reserves were at home to Southall [Reserves], and once more were able to avenge an earlier defeat by winning by five goals to two. The Reserves are to be congratulated on the fact that they have won all their five home matches, scoring 26 goals to 8, which is very gratifying. Southall, playing against the wind, scored the only goal in the first half, the ball going into the net off Shorland. It was quite on the cards that with the wind in their favour Southall would win, and it was not long before they were two up, Morgan scoring. Lee, on the extreme left, was none too happy in his unaccustomed position, but from a pass by Seddon, cut in and scored a good goal with his right foot, and soon after Morton added a second. In a scrimmage in front of Hampstead's goal Shorland gave away a penalty, but Trevers brought off a fine save from the spot kick, and in clearing was rather badly hurt and for a few minutes was unable to resume. From a nice corner kick Mead headed a goal with his right foot [sic], and soon after Morton to swing the ball about [sic], and again Morton scored from close in. Towards the end a nice high shot by Watson could not be cleared by Nayler, and Mead rushed up to add the fifth goal. For Hampstead the halves were in good form, and Bloxham, at back, was quite safe and gave a good display. Hampstead : - J. Trevers; S. Bloxham, J. Shorland; W.F. Bell, J.P. Wilton, C. Seddon; S. Morton, J.L. Watson, H.J. Mead, J.F. Edwards, W.G. Lee. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 29/11/1929, p.11)

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Friday 22 November - Reserves' revenge on Finchley

Owing to the first team being at home to Cheshunt, Hampstead Reserves met Finchley reserves at Colindale by the courtesy of the Standard Telephones F.C. As Finchley had defeated Hampstead at Finchley earlier in the season by five goals to two, it was only to be expected that Hampstead would endeavour to avenge the defeat, and this they did by six goals to two, and so honours were even. The game, in spite of the inclement weather, was a good one to watch, and play was very free from stoppages, except for occasional offside movements. Finchley early asserted themselves and in a few minutes their efforts were rewarded by a fine goal by Golding. Hampstead retaliated and from a nice centre by S. Morton, Rice scored a good goal. A run of midfield play ensued and from a breakaway Watson scored. Offside spoilt several promising movements on both sides and several good chances were thrown away when a goal seemed certain. After half-time Hampstead had the better of matters and a spell of pleasing passing by Hampstead was seen, but Finchley eventually got going and their centre-forward put in a hard shot which Trevers could only partially clear. The ball stopped on the line, but the referee had no doubts about the ball having crossed the line, and awarded a goal to Finchley, thus bringing the scores level. Hampstead now assumed the upper hand and completely over-ran Finchley, and further goals were added by Watson, Bell and Limbrey, who, playing out of position, was none too happy, but by changing places with Edwards now and again managed to warm himself up. Just before time Edwards ran through and added the sixth goal. The game was played out in a most friendly spirit, and all were glad when the final whistle blew. Hampstead : - J. Trevers; W.G. Lee, S. Bloxham; W.F. Bell, J.P. Wilton, C. Seddon; S. Morton, J.L. Watson, A.E.Rice, J.F. Edwards, S.H. Limbrey. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 22/11/1929, p.11)

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Friday 15 November - Reserves' bad day

A reversal of form shown by Hampstead in the last few games was seen against Southall [Reserves} last Saturday. The absence of Parsons and Wardlaw, playing for the first team, and the inclusion of new players no doubt affected the team generally, but a worse display of football has not been seen this season. With the exception of Trevers, in goal, who played one of his best games, and no doubt saved his side from a much heavier defeat, the team played very poorly indeed, and were never together at all. Southall won the toss and set Hampstead to face the sun, which, during the first half, was very glaring and was no doubt responsible for several miskicks. The Southall forwards were soon in the limelight, and a slip by the defence let in their centre-forward, who scored a fine goal, Trevers being helpless owing to the gap in the defence, and was in no way to blame. In fact, some of his clearances were worth going a long way to see. Within the first fifteen minutes Southall were two goals up, and Hampstead were hard pushed to keep the score down to two goals at half-time. Crossing over, Hampstead did not improve at all and thoroughly deserved the heavy defeat of five goals to one. The only goal by Hampstead was the outcome of a foul on Watson, The spot kick was taken by Shorland, who made no mistake. Southall have a very fast front line, and their centre-forward was in fine form, scoring all the five goals. Watson, in his first game for Hampstead, showed promise and should be given a further trial. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 15/11/1929, p.11)

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Friday 08 November - Good win for the reserves

A further two points were added to the League table by Hampstead Reserves last Saturday, Barking Town [Reserves] losing by five goals to one. The play was of a good standard generally with Hampstead dominating the game, and before long a goal was scored. Morton, securing from an offside position, ran down the wing and swung the ball over very neatly to Rice, who, when Barking's goal-keeper, Snooks, left his charge, passed to Edwards, who neatly rounded the goal-keeper and put the ball into an empty net. This goal should never have been allowed to stand, as Morton was obviously offside. The play continued to be brisk and some fine footwork was seen with both sides attacking in turn, and eventually Hampstead again scored through Edwards. Wardlaw and Parsons were both showing good form, especially Parsons, who was very sure in his kicking, and both contributed their share to the victory. Barking, from a breakaway, swung the ball out to Adams on the right wing, who cleverly outwitted the opposition and scored a fine goal from well out, the ball dropping into the far corner of the net and completely beating Trevers. Half-time arrived with Hampstead leading two to one. The news of the position of affairs at Maidenhead inspired Hampstead to better things, and they soon set about their business in real earnest, and after exerting continuous pressure on Barking for a considerable time had their reward by scoring a further three goals by Morton, Butland and Wardlaw, after which the game bacame somewhat scrappy and continued so the final whistle, but Hampstead deserved their victory. Hampstead : - J. Trevers; S. Bloxham, A. Parsons; W.F. Bell, H.J.. Mead, R. Wardlaw; W. Morton, W.H. Butland, A.E. Rice, J.F. Edwards, F.A. Cooper. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 08/11/1929, p.11)

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Friday 01 November - Reserves' big win over Barnet

A rather one-sided game against Barnet Reserves ended in a win for Hampstead by six goals to one. Barnet were rather badly handicapped by their tall centre-half, A. J. Caswell, being a passenger right from the start owing to an old injury asserting itself. Although this did not altogether account for the poor display by Barnet generally, they were much slower than the nippy Hampstead forwards, who combined well and gave the Barnet defence a lot to think about. The first goal came from a nice bit of work by the left wing. A fine centre by Cooper was neatly headed by Rice to Limbrey, who, taking the ball in is stride, scored a fine goal by a first-timer [the shot, not the player]. Shortly afterwards a free kick nicely placed by Bond was headed into the net by Butland. A rally by Barnet resulted in a lot of midfield play, but they were beaten back, and about ten minutes from the interval G. Smith, in Barnet's goal, was unfortunately injured by falling on the ball and had to retire. Prince took his place and played well till the interval. After change of ends Hampstead had most of the play and Barnet rarely crossed the half-way line. Several good scoring chances were missed by Rice by over-eagerness, and once he missed an open goal by ballooning the ball over the bar. Phillips was the only Barnet forward to show any real form and from a breakaway he ran through and scored a good goal. Hampstead's defence was playing well and both Bloxham and Parsons gave a very good display and kept their halves and forwards going. After a while further goals were added by Rice and Morton, and shortly before the close Cooper's centre quite deceived Smith and would have entered the net, but Limbrey rushed in and made doubly sure. With but a few minutes to go Butland took a great shot at goal from well out and again beat Smith. Hampstead :- J. Trevers; S. Bloxham, A. Parsons; W.G. Lee, W.H. Bond, R. Wardlaw; W. Morton, A.E. Rice, S.H. Limbrey, W.H. Butland, F.A. Cooper. Barnet : - G. Smith; W. Prince, M.E.MacGreedy; H.J. Rainbow, A.J. Caswell, R. Sheffield; W. Gatland, K. Last, G. Phillips, R. Rainbow, E. Gurnet. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 01/11/1929, p.11)

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Friday 25 October - Reserves draw friendly

Hampstead Reserves had a pleasant game at Worcester Park, last Saturday, against Columbia F.C., both sides scoring four goals each. Of Hampstead's new players, W.H. Bond and W.H. Butland showed great promise, and should be given a further trial. (Extract from "Sports Jottings", Hendon & Finchley Times, 25/10/1929, p.14)

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Friday 18 October - Reserves beaten at Bromley

Bromley's team of giants proved too strong and heavy against Hampstead, and ran out winners by the tune of six goals to two. The play was of a very robust nature on the part of Bromley, and Hampstead were being continually knocked off the ball. In spite of this Hampstead played the better football during the first half, and were unlucky not to have taken the lead through Shone, who ran through during the first minute and in endeavouring to shoot hard from twenty yards range over-stretched himself and strained a leg muscle and was off the field when Bromley scored through Keen. Shone returned later, but was only a passenger for most of the first half, but Hampstead, by sheer pluck, managed to keep Bromley out. After change of ends Bromley scored through Keen, Summerfield (3) and Richie. Shone improved and scored twice with nice headers, and was unlucky not to have scored a third time. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 18/10/1929, p.11)

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Friday 11 October - Win for reserves at Enfield

A stiff breeze blowing right across the pitch spoilt the play in the Athenian League match between Hampstead Reserves and Enfield Reserves at Enfield. Both teams were handicapped by it, the greatest difficulty being experienced in keeping the ball in play at times. However, a stern fight for points ensued. Hampstead had the assistance of a strong wind in the early stages, and it was some time before they were able to notch a goal through a header by Lee, who was transferred from right-half to the centre-forward position in the absence of Shone, who was unfortunately detained by business, and although obviously out of position gave a fair exhibition of forceful play. Several good scoring chances were missed by both sides by the ball executing most extraordinary evolutions, and neither goal-keeper was troubled to any great extent. Enfield were unfortunate in not scoring through Jackman, who, after a good run down the wing, was not able to steady himself sufficiently to place the ball out of the reach of Trevers. Fifteen minutes after the change of ends Enfield scored through Neate, who snapped up a forward pass and ran forward to place the ball into an empty net owing to a misunderstanding between the backs and Trevers. Hampstead tried hard to regain the lead and Potter found the net, but the point was disallowed as he was supposed to have fouled the back. The attack was kept up, but several good chances were spoilt by offside. The left wing was very prominent and a neat bit of passing from wing to wing enabled Sear to centre, from which Wardlaw headed into the net. Hampstead held grimly on to their lead and gained the points by a two to one victory, a most unusual thing at Enfield. Hampstead : J. Trevers; S. Bloxham, A. Parsons; F. Dean, F. Hancock, R. Wardlaw; R. Sear, A.G. Potter, W.G. Lee, J.F. Edwards, F.A. Cooper. Enfield : A.F. Ellis; J.R. Williams, W. Biggs; W.T. Davis, G.W. Rudge, C.H. Oliver; C.A. Jackman, J. Warren, A.F. Neate, F.J. Purrett, A. Reade. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 11/10/1929, p.11)

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Friday 04 October - Reserves share eight goals

Much keenness and over-eagerness was shown by both teams in last Saturday's League game between Barnet Reserves and Hampstead Reserves at Barnet. This ended in a draw of four goals each. Both teams were well represented by the inclusion of some of last season's first team players, viz. : A. Snaith, J. Richardson and G. Deeks for Barnet; and A. Parsons and R. Wardlaw for Hampstead. Barnet won the toss and set Hampstead to face the sun and a rather stiff breeze. Right from the kick-off Barnet set the pace and within the first quarter-of-an-hour scored twice through Davis. Davis and Richardson formed a dangerous wing and Trevers was called upon to deal with some good shots. A spell of attacking by Hampstead followed and eventually Shone scored with a good header from Cooper's centre. Sear was playing a good game and came near to scoring. His effort was only cleared by a good tackle by Prince, who unfortunately in doing so injured himself and thereafter was only a passenger. The interval arrived with Barnet leading 2-1. Barnet re-arranged their team after change of ends, Snaith going to right-back and Prince to outside-right. This did not tend to help matters for Barnet, and they were sorely tried for a long while, but from a breakaway Richardson scored. Hampstead were now on their mettle, the right wing being specially troublesome, and Sear scored from twenty yards out with a fine kick. Shortly afterwards a foul on Shone enabled Cooper to score from the spot kick, and thus brought the score level. This roused Barnet and immediately afterwards a free kick enabled Richardson to score with a great drive. Smith, in Barnet's goal, was having an anxious time, and deserves credit for a fine save from Cooper, who was playing well. Morton failed badly when only a yard out, but soon afterwards a fine goal was scored by Potter, who sent in a pile-driver from a good corner kick taken by Cooper. The game continued to be fought out at a rare pace and a draw was a just result. Hampstead : J. Trevers; S. Bloxham, A. Parsons; W.G. Lee, H.J. Mead, R. Wardlaw; R. Sear, A.G. Potter, R.H. Shone, W. Morton, F.A. Cooper. Barnet : G. Smith; W. Prince, F. Fidler; A. Wilmot, A. Snaith, A. Bailey; G. Deeks, J. Richardson, D. Davis, S. Henson, E. Garnett. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 04/10/1929, p.11)

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Friday 20 September - Reserves beat Uxbridge again

Hampstead Reserves again proved their superiority over Uxbridge Town Reserves, beating them at Claremont-road this time by 4-2. A good game in most of its stages, and resulting in some clever team work on the part of Hampstead, it was chiefly important in proving that Hampstead have some excellent reserve players. Uxbridge are a strong and hefty side and Hampstead were fighting hard all through. It was a fine test of skill and endurance. The first half soon developed into a fast-paced struggle, and although Hampstead got two goals without conceding any, Uxbridge time and again nearly rattled the home defence. S. Morton, on the Hampstead right wing, was placing some beautiful centres, well aided by Lea in the half-back line. Cooper and Edwards, on the other wing, were also repeatedly dangerous, and the first Hampstread goal was slammed into the net by Limbrey from Cooper's centre. W. Morton would have shot a certain goal but for the ball being deflected by the foot of a defender as he took the kick. Edwards soon after headed Hampstead's second goal after really brilliant work by S. Morton. The second half came with Uxbridge slighty discouraged. Cheater, however, did well to score for them, but Hampstead again got through by the clever work of the Mortons. Limbrey was again the scorer. Limbrey obtained his third goal for Hampstead from a fine pass by Mead. Crouch netted the Uxbridge second goal after a plucky left wing attack. S. Morton played a brilliant game at outside-right and would merit a trial on the right wing in the first eleven. Lea, at right-half, played soundly all through. Limbrey is a game centre-forward and has a sure foot for scoring. Edwards and Cooper both deserve mention. W. Morton played cleverly and was often unlucky. Bloxham, at right-back, was always a tower of strength. Hampstead : C. Martin; S. Bloxham, A. Parsons; W.G. Lea, H.J. Mead, R. Wardlaw; S. Morton, W. Morton, S.H. Limbrey, J.I. Edwards, F.A. Cooper. Uxbridge : G. Jowers; G. Beaver, V. Gorman; E. Gorman, F. Deemer, E. Wade; H. Cheater, A. Dean, H. Cruckle, I. Thomas, S. Crouch. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 20/09/1929, p. 11)

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Friday 13 September - Finchley Reserves on top

Finchley Reserves, who have opened their first season in the Athenian League in wonderful style, kept up their winning way on Saturday, when they defeated Hampstead Reserves by 5-2 in a good, fast game at the Gun Station ground. The game had many even patches, but generally Finchley were superior to the visitors, particularly in the second half. Hampstead, however, had to make four last-minute changes. The visitors won the toss and attacked right away and obtained the lead within five minutes through Nash. Even play followed, but as Finchley settled down they attacked repeatedly, but could not break down the Hampstead defence. For twenty minutes they pressed heavily, but Martin (deputising for Trevers) made some remarkable saves, and it looked as though Finchley would not get on even terms by the interval. However, just before half-time W.H. Smith equalised from a penalty. On resuming Finchley once more took up the attack, and W.H. Smith, receiving a nice pass from Golding, gave Finchley the lead. Shortly afterwards Ryding added another goal, following good work by J.H. Smith. They continued to keep up the pressure and Martin was again prominent in goal, but he was beaten by W.H. Smith, who scored from a pass by Jones. Hampstead then took a share in the attack and Clayton was called upon several times and made some good saves. By this time Finchley had proved themselves the better side and their extra stamina told. During another attack Ashley scored a fifth goal from Golding's centre, and just before the end Nash scored for Hampstead. The visitors again found the net, but the point was disallowed for offside. The entire Finchley team played up well and thoroughly deserved their victory. The outstanding players were Clayton, Robinson, Jones and Golding. The teams were:- Finchley :- R. Clayton, J.N. Beeson, T. Robinson; L. Fishenden, W. Jones, J.H. Smith; C. Golding, W.H. Smith, A. Ashley, F.T. Ryding, J.W. Harris. Hampstead :- C. Martin; J. Butler, S. Bloxham; W.G. Lea, H.G. Mead, F. Swindell; R. Sear, S.H. Limbrey, Nash, Allwright, F.A. Cooper. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 13/09/1929, p.11 (from a Finchley perspective)

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Friday 06 September - Reserves do well

The opening game with Uxbridge resulted in a win for Hampstead by six goals to three. Despite the heat of the day the exchanges were very fast, with Hampstead doing most of the pressing in the early stages. After a quarter-of-an-hour Potter secured the ball and working his way into position put in a high shot which Jowers, the Uxbridge goal-keeper, could only partially clear, and Limbrey was able to put on the finishing touch. Immediately after the kick-off Uxbridge, from a free kick for a foul, scored through Dean. Some good work was next seen on the left wing and both Cooper and Shone came near to scoring, but Jowers was very safe. Shortly afterwards Trevers effected a great save from Cheater. Limbrey again scored and Hampstead crossed over with a 2-1 lead. The second half continued to be fought out at a great pace and Limbrey once again scored, thus doing the hat trick. Uxbridge, however, soon returned to the attack and Dean scored from a penalty. The fourth goal for Hampstead was added by Cooper after a fine run from the centre line, and the fifth came from Shone. Uxbridge took up the running once more and scored through Davis. Close on time Potter added the sixth goal. The best men for Uxbridge were Jowers, Heare and Dean. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 06/09/1929, p.11)

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