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Reserves News, 1925/1926

Friday 26 November - Reserves lose again

After the [first team] Bromley match Hampstead Town Reserves entertained Siemens [Sports] in the London League. The home side were soon two goals up, but at half-time the visitors led 4-2. Hampstead reduced the lead on changing ends, but Siemens also scored another goal, the result being five goals to three in their favour. Brazier appeared at back for Hampstead, but an old injury re-asserted itself and he had to take a place in the forward line, this militating against the chances of the home side. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 16/4/1926)

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Sunday 21 November - Bromley beat reserves

Hampstead Town Reserves entertained the London League leaders (Bromley Reserves) on Saturday in a mud-larking competition, and after ninety minutes paddling Bromley were declared the winners by four goals to Hampstead's one. To attempt to play football was impossible, as the ground was ankle deep in heavy mud, and in was a case of which team could kick hardest and last out longest. Five minutes from the start Hampstead should have taken the lead when Weaver placed the ball so well that it left Ball with only the goalkeeper to beat, but to the home supporters' dismay, he put it yards wide. Fifteen minutes from the start a home defender, in attempting to clear, put the ball behind for a corner, and this was so well placed that King had little difficulty in heading the first goal for Bromley. The remainder of the first half was nearly all Bromley, although Travers Day had hard luck with a good shot which the visitors' goalkeeper just managed to put round the post for a corner. Prior to the interval Bromley added two further goals through Haines and Colwell. After the change of ends Hampstead had more of the game, and a good run and shot by Morgan brought a just reward, Middleton failing to hold the shot, and Lloyd, following up, had little difficulty in tapping the ball into the net. Just before the end Smith broke away on the Bromley left wing, and from his centre Haines added a fourth goal for the visitors. Bromley fully deserved their win, and were well served by King, Haines and Colwell in their forwards, and Osborne, apart from his short lapse of bad temper, was a useful centre-half. Of the Hampstead players, Weaver was the shining light, having moved over from the left-wing to the right to allow of the inclusion of Ball. The halves worked hard but were prone to hang on the ball when a hefty kick would have been of better service. Turner and Upton, at back, were in good trim, and no blame could be placed on them. Travers Day improves with each game, but the two inside forwards, Morgan and Lloyd, must loose the ball quicker. The Reserves are still experimenting with new talent, and this week S. Ford, a well-known Army goalkeeper, will be given a trial run, and A. Durham, a promising local junior, included in the forward line. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 12/2/1926)

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Friday 19 November - Bad luck affects reserves

Bad luck continued to dog the footsteps of Hampstead Town Reserves on Saturday, when they visited Leytonstone Reserves in the London Intermediate Cup. First Ball missed the train and arrived just too late to play, and then, after having the best of the opening exchanges, Elderton was accidentally kicked in the thigh. Leytonstone also scored one of their goals while Dimmock was off the field injured. Play opened with an attack by the Town and they continued to press for the first ten minutes, Day missing the goal by inches with a good attempt. From the behind kick Leytonstone made tracks for the visitors' end, and it was in this attack that Elderton met with his injury. He pluckily remained at his position, and unfortunately, in attempting to clear, found his leg give way and in consequence left the Stones inside-right with the ball about four yards out, from which this player had little difficulty in beating Healey. With Elderton compelled to leave the field, Turner dropped to half, but while the Town had only four forwards they attacked frequently, both Day and Weaver coming near to scoring. Thirty minutes from the start Dimmock received an injury which necessitated his receiving the attention of the trainer, and while he was off Leytonstone forced a corner. From this kick Healey caught the ball, but while being harassed by two home forwards he carried the ball over the line. This ended the scoring, and Hampstead thus made their exit from the competition. The four Town forwards deserve much credit for the way they worried the Leytonstone defence, and fifteen minutes from the end the home captain and centre-half called his forwards back to help keep his goal intact. Hampstead's backs put up a very sound defence, Iles and Cox both kicking and tackling finely. Dimmock was about the best half on the field. Day, whose return to the club is welcomed, played a sound game, and was unlucky not to score on several occasions. Morgan, at inside-right, was the cleverest player on the field, but his footwork was rather overdone and several chances went begging through his holding the ball too long. Weaver, at outside-left, got over some good centres, but was badly supported by Nash. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 29/1/1926)

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Friday 19 November - Weakened reserves beaten at Bromley

Through causes which could not be helped Hampstead [Town] Reserves had to visit Bromley with a badly weakened side, and in consequence lost another couple of London League points, being beaten by three goals to nil. The deputies, however, put up quite a good fight, although several of them were playing out of their usual positions. Turner, usually a centre-forward, put up a fine display at right-back. For the first twenty minutes Hampstead had the best of the exchanges and had their inside forwards tried a few shots they must have taken an early lead, Nash, in particular, missing a couple of "sitters". After this Bromley took up the running and Haines beat Healey with a hard drive which the Town goalkeeper failed to hold. Five minutes later the same player increased Bromley's lead. Throughout the second half Bromley had the better of the exchanges, and Haines added a further goal to complete the scoring. For Hampstead, W. Cox, a local postal player, played exceptionally well at left-back, while W. Little, at centre-half, reproduced some of his best form. Elderton was, as usual, good and continually stopped the crack Bromley wing. Morgan, at inside-right, was the cleverest forward on the field and was unlucky on two occasions not to score. Tomorrow (Saturday) Hampstead visit Leytonstone in the London Intermediate Cup, and with Barnes, Ball, Weaver, Travers Day and Little all available should manage to pass through thhis round. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 22/1/1926)

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Friday 19 November - Weakened reserves lose again

Hampstead Town Reserves must surely be one of the most unlucky sides in regards to players, for on the few occasions that they have been at full strength they have been more than a match for any London League opponents, but so seldom do they field their best team that they have lost nine of their games. On Saturday the calls of the first team deprived them of the services of Thorlby, Barnes, Nash and Bloxham, and with Margetts unable to get away from business they were compelled to take the field without a regular back. Boston and R.W. Clarke did their best to fill the gap but could not cope with the nippy forwards of Bostall Athletic, and in consequence Hampstead had to admit defeat by six goals to four. Considering the terrible state of the ground it was surprising to see the excellent pace and good football produced. Within ten minutes Bostall were two up, although Hampstead had done most of the pressing. Ten minutes from half-time Morgan reduced the lead with a shot which passed through a crowd of players, leaving the visiting goalkeeper unsighted. Directly after the restart Bostall went away and scored two goals in rapid succession, bringing the score to 4-1. Hampstead then took up the running and set up a heavy pressure until a Bostall defender handled in the fatal area, and Lovelock easily converted. The home side continued to press, but from a breakaway Bostall notched a fifth goal. Continuing to have the best of the exchanges Hampstead scored two further goals before the close, Bucci and Morgan being the scorers. {No report on Bostall's sixth goal.] Hampstead were well served by their halves, Dimmock, Lovelock and Elderton. Ashby was the best forward on the field, whilst Bucci and Morgan also gave an excellent display. Healey, in goal, could not be blamed for the heavy score against him and brought off a number of fine saves. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 8/1/1926)

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Thursday 18 November - Christmas woe for Reserves

Hendon Town played their return match with Hampstead Town's London League team on Christmas Day. When the teams turned out just after 11 o'clock the ground was partly covered with snow, but as this was thawing, it soon disappeared, and in doing so made the playing surface rather greasy, and in consequence ball control was not so easy as it might have been. Hampstead had several different players in their team on this occasion and most of them did well, Iles, at back, especially being in good form. Hendon kicked up hill during the first half and were soon attacking, the visiting goalkeeper saving well from Edwards, the same player shortly after forcing a corner which was, however, cleared. Then a shot was put in by Briant, the home centre-half, which the goalkeeper only partly cleared, and Drew, the Hendon inside-right, running in, put his side one up. Hendon now attacked strongly, but the visiting defence kept out several shots. Then the Hampstead forwards got away and a good centre from the outside-left looked dangerous, but the ball was cleared, only to be returned to the vicinity of the home goal, where a Hendon defender in attempting to clear put the ball in the net well wide of Standish. This success seemed to liven up the visitors and shortly after they again surrounded the home goal. Standish ran out and attempted to kick clear but the ball hit an opposing forward, who had it in the net before the custodian could get back again. This looked promising for Hampstead, but just before half-time Hendon attacked again and D. Saxby got away on the right and put in a lovely shot from near the touch line which entered the net high up in the left hand corner. The goalkeeper made a fine effort to save but could only just touch the ball as it passed him. Before half-time came Edwards put Hendon ahead with a nice ground shot and the homesters crossed over leading by the odd goal in five. When the second half commenced Hendon at once attacked and the ball was headed on to the upright and as it rebounded into play Saxby ran in and headed it into the net. This put the home team on good terms with themselves and they now attacked hotly, but the lengthy Iles tackled with unerring judgment and repeatedly cleared his lines. Valentine, the home centre, had hard luck on one occasion, however, his shot passing just wide of the post. Then Edwards and Manton engaged in a nice bout of passing on the left, but Iles intervened and the ball was cleared. The visiting forwards now came into the picture again and in an attack on the home goal Standish ran out to clear, but the ball was promptly returned and Taylor handled in the goal mouth. Standish easily saved the spot kick and kicked well down the field. Then the homesters attacked again and there was a scrimmage in the visitors' goal, but the goalkeeper gained applause by his good clearance. Towards the end of the game Hendon forced another corner, but the goalkeeper again saved and so the game ended, Hendon [winning by four goals to two and] gaining two more League points. The Hampstead team combined well in mid-field and were at times pretty to watch, but they were not so effective in front of goal as Hendon, who made more ground with their long passes and were more dangerous when near goal. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 1/1/1926 - report written from the Hendon Town viewpoint)

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Thursday 18 November - Reserves draw with Chelmsford

The London League leaders, Chelmsford [Reserves], were entertained by Hampstead Town Reserves on Saturday, and were extremely lucky to take a point back to Chelmsford. The Town should have led by several goals at the interval but could not find the net, Chapman, Nash and Malkin all missing the easiest of scoring chances. Directly after the interval Chelmsford took the lead, Woodward scoring with a good drive which went in off a post. Hampstead continued to have much the best of the game, but could not score until Bucci was brought down unfairly in the spot area. Bucci took the kick and gave the visitors' goalkeeper no chance. With ten minutes to go Hampstead were all over their opponents and Nash converted a centre from Malkin to give the home side the lead. Right from the kick-off Chelmsford broke away and Jarrold, standing unmarked, beat Boston. Like many other of the referee's decisions, this was a very doubtful one, all the home defence appealing for offside. Hampstead seem to be doomed to carry a passenger in most of their games. In this game Chapman was the unfortunate player. With the first kick the old injury re-asserted itself and he could not get the ball across. Margetts, at back, and Dimmock, at half, were in good form. Bucci, at outside-left, was the best forward on the field. H. Shearcroft, who was making his initial appearance with the Town, gave a good display and was unlucky in not scoring on several occasions. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 25/12/1925)

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Wednesday 17 November - Reserves win at Hitchin

One of the best and most sporting games in which Hampstead Town Reserves have taken part was played on Saturday when they visited and defeated the oldest club (Hitchin Blue Cross) in Hertfordshire. On a perfect pitch Hampstead produced their best football. Throughout the first half they monopolised the game but could not score, although they continually hit either the crossbar or an opponent, and the Hitchin goalkeeper brought off some remarkable saves. Soon after crossing over Thorlby opened the score for Hampstead with a fine drive from 35 yards out. Ten minutes later a misunderstanding by the Town defence let in the home side and in trying to clear from the goal line Thorlby unfortunately put through his own goal. Just before the end a pretty combined movement by the Town forwards left Malkin with an opening, of which he took full advantage. This concluded the scoring, but as the whistle went for time Nash was clean through with an empty net to shoot in. After putting up such a fine display it would hardly be fair to criticise and the only fault was that the forwards failled to shoot often enough. Margetts, at back, was in excellent fettle, while the halves, Thorlby, Dimmock and Elderton, more than held their own against a strong robust forward line. Of the forwards Young, who was making his first appprearance since his injury nine months ago, was easily the pick, and Bucci was also in good form at outside-left. Tomorrow (Saturday) Hampstead Reserves entertain the League leaders, Chelmsford [Reserves} at Cricklewood, when it is hoped to have the assistance of the Middlesex junior centre-forward, H. Shearcroft. F.G. Young will again be in the team, so some good football is assured, and Chelmsford will have to be on their best behaviour to go away with the points. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 18/12/1925)

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Wednesday 17 November -

Hampstead Town Reserves visited S.T.D. Athletic at Acton, and bagged a couple of useful London League points, beating the home side by two goals to nil. Considering the frozen state of the ground the game was fought at a fast pace and only the clever passing of the Town side gave them the victory. Twenty-five minutes from the start Nash converted a fine pass from Turner, while mid-way through the second half Nash again beat the home goalkeeper from a centre by Bucci. Boston, in goal, gave an improved display, but was lucky to keep his charge intact when he ran out and partially cleared a shot, only to find t returned before he could get back, but Dimmock rushed across and kicked clear on the goal-line. Lovelock and Margetts were safe backs, and Dimmock, who returned after a long illness, was the pick of the halves. Turner, nash and Bucci were the best of a good forward line. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 11/12/1925)

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Tuesday 16 November - Hendon Town spring surprise

Hendon Town went to Cricklewood-lane on Saturday to meet Hampstead Town Reserves in the London League, and came back flushed with victory. Leading at the interval by five goals to nil, they had to fight hard in the second half, but managed to leave with three goals in hand. Hampstead team:- R. Boston; A. Lovelock, G. Margetts; G. Bucci, S. Bloxham, J. Elderton; W. Chapman, D. Freeman, E. Nash, A. Bush, Lowe. Hendon Town team:- G. Standish; J. Taylor, E. Trinder; J. Wilton, F. Valentine, T. Palmer; Gillard, D. Saxby, T. Haworth, A. Edwards, S. Manton. Hampstead had to re-shuffle their team owing to the absence of Iles and Turner, the latter being required for the first eleven. The ground was for the most part covered with snow and in a slippery state, but Hendon adapted themselves to the conditions much better than the home side. For a little while play ran on even lines. Standish had to save several times, while Hendon's left wing was always a source of danger. Edwards put in several nice centres which boded ill, and at one time it seemed that the goal had been penetrated, but the referee refused the claim. With the help of Bloxham, who did well at centre-half, Hampstead forwards had many opportunities, but their shooting was for the most part innocuous. The home defence, too, was often in trouble, and the first goal came through weakness on the part of Boston, who ran out but failed to get the ball away. Before he could get back in position Edwards had landed it safely in the net. After this Hendon found things ran smoothly. For a time Hampstead had a man injured and some were inclined to blame Trinder for unfair play, but personally we are inclined to agree with the Hendon supporter who described the left-back as "energetic rather than dirty." Certainly Trinder and Taylor were a bustling pair, and saved Standish an enormous amount of work. Edwards scored the second and third goals, the last being perhaps the best in the match, while Haworth scored the fourth and fifth. The fourth might have been saved if Boston had not been in two minds about running out. Hesitancy on his part was fatal. Edwards largely contributed to Haworth's last success, their understanding being perfect. Hampstead tried hard to recover lost ground, some of the footwaork being excellent, but short passing (pleasing though it was to watch) did not pay so well as the open game that Hendon adopted. In the second half Hampstead put up a much better show, and soon after crossing over scored twice through Bush and Nash. At this juncture there were visions of Hendon's score being overtaken, but the visiting defence came out of an awkward period without allowing further damage to be incurred, and while Hampstead maintained an improvement it was obvious long before the whistle blew that Hendon had bagged the points. No further scoring taking place, the final figures were 5-2 in favour of the visitors. The game was contested in a very friendly spirit, most of the free kicks awarded for fouls being due more to the slippery state of the ground than the desire to profit by unsportsmanlike methods. Standish, Trinder, Palmer and Edwards were outstanding players in Hendon's team; and Bloxham, Bucci and Nash were the pick of the Hampstead side. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 4/12/1925)

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Monday 15 November - Reserves lose again

Although losing by four goals to three Hampstead Town Reserves put up a good fight against Barking Reserves, at Barking, on Saturday, and with a little more snap in their shooting would have captured a couple of useful points. Ten minutes after the start good work by Nash and Turner ended in the latter player opening the score for Hampstead, but before the interval Barking added two goals and thus led at the interval by 2-1. On the resumption Hampstead pressed but could not pierce the home team's defence and from a breakaway on the right they increased their lead. Following this the Town forwards went right away and scored through Turner, bringing the score to 3-2, but with ten minutes to go Barking increased their lead. Hampstead then went all out to get on terms and just before time scored the best goal of the match. Turner suddenly discovered that he had an outside-right who had been starved throughout the game, and banged the ball out to him and then started a splendid combined run which Chapman terminated with a perfect centre, which Freeman met and drove past the home goalkeeper, and reduced Barking's lead to 4-3, but although they attacked for the last few minutes Hampstead could not get on terms. For Hampstead, Boston, in goal, and Margetts, at back, put up a good defence, but the halves were weak, and seldom stopped the Barking wingers. In attack, Turner, Freeman and Chapman, when he was given the ball, were good. Nash, in the centre, worked the ball cleverly but did not open out the game, and Elderton showed to greater effect when he dropped back to half after Bucci was injured. On Saturday next there will be a local Derby at Cricklewood, when the Hampstead Reserves entertain Hendon Town in the London League. Given fine weather there should be a record attendance for a reserve ame and it should be a hard tussle for the points. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 27/11/1925)

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Monday 15 November - Reseves lose at home

Hampstead Town Reserves met with their first home defeat on Saturday when Callenders Athletic F.C. won by five goals to one. The visitors were superior in all departments, except at back and goal. Within twenty minutes of the start Callenders had scored three excellent goals through Patrick (2) and Goddard, and just prior to the interval Bush reduced the lead with a splendid shot. After crossing over Hampstead had more of the play but their forwards finished badly, and with twenty minutes to go Goddard added a fourth for Callenders, and a few minutes later Patrick added a doubtful fifth, as he appeared to be well offside. Of the Town players, Boston, in goal, was in excellent trim, and Margetts, at right-back, was the best defender on the field. Lowe was at left-back, in place of Lovelock, and played quite a useful game, but the home halves were outclassed and out-paced. Bush and Turner were the best of a poor forward line. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 14/11/1925)

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Sunday 14 November - Reserves win at Orpington

Hampstead Town Reserves visited Orpington in a friendly game on Saturday and a close game resulted in a win for the Town by two goals to one. Throughout the game Hampstead had the best of the exchanges and were unlucky not to have taken the lead in the first few minutes when a good shot from Ball hit a defender with the home goalkeeper well beaten. At half-time neither team had scored, but directly after the restart a clever combined movement in which all the Hampstead forwards took part ended in Turner sending in a hard drive, which the home goalkeeper could only partially clear, and Ball, following up, opened the score. Five minutes later Orpington broke away and Rutherford equalised with a drive which gave Boston no chance. With only a few minutes to go Ball took a pass from Turner and put Hampstead ahead with a fine drive. Hampstead tried several new players, and the pick of these was Perkins, a winger from a local junior side, and he promises to develop into a first-class player. Burgess, another new player, was handicapped by lack of training, as he has not previously played this season, but gives promise of being quite useful. His previous club was Chippenham Town. The old players all played well, with Ball easiily the best forward on the field, and Margetts the best defender. Tomorrow the Town entertain Callenders in the London League, and will have to be on their best behaviour to obtain the points, as Callenders beat Summerstown in the London Senior Cup on Saturday. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 6/11/1925)

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Sunday 14 November -

Hampstead Town Reserves entertained the Woolwich Polytechnic in the London League on Saturday at Cricklewood, and a fair game resulted in a win for the Town by four goals to three. Hampstead opened the score twenty minutes after the start through Thompson, who beat the visitors' goalkeeper with a dropping shot. Five minutes later McCarthy got away on the Poly left and from his centre Jago equalised. For the remainder of the first half Hampstead had the better of the exchanges, but Woolwich scored the only goal. Ball had a hard shot at the visitors' goal but an opponent punched the ball down. Unfortunately for Hampsted the referee failed to see the handling incident, and the ball went out to the visitors' left-winger, who sent across a perfect centre for Eastwood to beat Boston. The second half was very evenly contested, and Turner equalised the scores again, meeting a centre from Ball, which he flashed past the Woolwich goalkeeper. Woolwich again took the lead, Jago giving Boston no chance with a good drive. Irwin scored No. 3 by converting another of Ball's centres and Turner won the match by scoring the fourth five minutes from time. The first team having claimed the services of four of the reserves, their places were filled by four new players, of whom R.W. Clarke, at centre-half, was the pick. Of the old players, Boston, in goal, stopped everything within reach. Margetts, at back, was very sound, Bucci was the best half on the field, and Ball, Irwin and Turner were in good fettle, the former being the most conspicuous player on the field. The Town reserves should now settle into a very useful side, and with Bloxham, Bush and Lovelock all available, should travel up the League table. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 30/10/1924)

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Friday 12 November - Reserves go under

Hampstead Town Reserves met with a severe reverse on Saturday, when they visited Siemens Sports in the London League, losing by four goals to nil. For the first twenty minutes of the game it looked as though Hampstead were going to win easily, but numerous chances of scoring were unaccepted. At the end of this period Siemens made their first real attack on the Town goal and took the lead with a fine shot by their outside-left. After this Hampstead appeared to go all to pieces and in the second half Siemens scored three further goals and so won easily by 4-0. Although the Town were weakened by the absence of Thorlby, Iles, Lovelock and Elderton, they should have put up a better performance, and when their forwards try a shot at their opponents' goal instead of trying to dribble the ball into the net they will score goals and win matches. Nash, one of the cleverest footballers in the club, is one of the biggest offenders and persistently tries to trick several opponents instead of trying to beat the goalkeeper. King, a newcomer from Grays Thurrock, gave a good display at outside-left and placed many good centre across. Bucci, at half, backed him up well, but the remainder of the side were well below their usual form. Tomorrow the Town Reserves entertain Woolwich Polytechnic at Cricklewood, and it is hoped that Travers Day will lead the forwards for the first time this season. As Thorlby and Lovelock will be assisting the firsts, a further trial will be given to D. Freeman, a local player. He or Rumbold will deputise for Lovelock. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 23/10/1925)

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Wednesday 10 November - Double over Barnet Reserves

Quite a large crowd gathered at Cricklewood-lane on Saturday to see Hampstead Town Reserves entertain Barnet Reserves in their return London League fixture, nor were they disappointed in the game and result, Hampstead winning a good game by four goals to one. For the first few minutes it looked as if the home side were to be over-run, but they soon settled down to take command of the game. Ten minutes after the start Iles took a forward pass from Turner and running in sent a terrific shot under the cross-bar, but to the home supporters' dismay the ball crashed down on the goal line and was eventually cleared by a Barnet defender. Three minutes later Hampstead took the lead, a fine combined movement by Bucci and Nash ended with the latter beating Laker with a splendid drive. Following this Hampstead nearly increased their lead when Laker just managed to tip a free kick from Thorlby over the bar. Just prior to the interval Barnet equalised. A misunderstanding between the home defenders in which Boston missed a bouncing ball giving Snaith the opportunity to tap it into an empty goal. In the first fifteen minutes of the second half Hampstead were all over the Barnet side, and from a splendid centre by Irwin, Iles gave the Town the lead with an unstoppable drive, and three minutes later took a neat pass from Nash and added No. 3. Iles completed the scoring by meeting a centre by Nash. All the Hampstead players played really well, and it would hardly be fair to single out any player for special mention, except perhaps Lovelock at right-back, who was by far the best defender on the field. George Bucci, who, by the way, is the son of a prominent club official, made his first appearance for the town, and gave an excellent show on the left wing, and will probably fill the vacant place which has been worrying the reserves selection committee. To-morrow Hampstead visit Siemens at Woolwich, and hope to bring home two more London League points. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 16/10/1925)

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Wednesday 10 November -

Hampstead Town Reserves visited Chelmsford on Saturday in the London League. A first-class struggle ended in a victory for Chelmsford by two goals to nil. The first ten minutes went all in favour of Hampstead and Turner was unlucky to see a good shot strike the underpart of the crossbar and return to play. The game developed into a hard struggle, but neither side could get the better of the two defences until ten minutes from the interval, when Woodward converted a splendid centre from Eglin. No further scoring took place prior to the interval and the only goal of an even [second] half was in the nature of an accident. Whinney took a chance shot at the Hampstead goal which Boston would have easily cleared but in its flight the ball struck Lovelock in the face and was deflected out of the goalkeeper's reach. Both teams put up an excellent fight and the pace was very fast considering the heat in which the game was played. Boston, Lovelock and Margetts were a very sound defence. Bloxham and Thorlby were hard-working halves, but the only forward to play up to his reputation was Turner, who was continually testing the Chelmsford goalkeeper with shots from all angles and was unlucky not to find the net on several occasions. Elderton, at outside-left, was given very little to do, hardly receiving a pass from Nash, as the latter player continually tried to beat the home side on his own, and spoiled many promising moves. Irwin, who made his first appearance since his injury, did not do himself justice as he appeared to be nervous of his injured leg. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 9/10/1925)

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Wednesday 10 November -

In this their first home match Hampstead Town Reserves managed to obtain a couple of useful London League points and incidentally reversed last week's result on the Police ground [by winning by 3-2.] Hampstead early took up the running but again lacked the finishing touches that make the difference between victory and defeat. Twenty minutes after the start Boston saved a hard shot from Little, but fell on the ball and Harwood, following up, placed the ball in the net. Five minutes later the Police scored again, Boston catching a shot from Denwood, but a home player endeavouring to clear, kicked the ball out of his hands into the goal. Hampstead reduced the lead just before the interval, Elderton tapping through a splendid centre from Cousins. After the interval Hampstead had all the best of the game, but it was not until ten minutes from the end that Iles equalised and two minutes later the same player added the winning goal with a terrific drive. The Police have to thank Windebank, their goalie, for saving them from a much heavier defeat. He cleared time and again when goals seemed certain. For Hampstead, Cousins and Bush formed a clever right wing, and Bloxham was a rare stumbling block to the visitors' forwards, and probably had more shots at their goal than any of the forwards. Iles, who played at centre-forward, is more familiar as the first team back, but proved his usefulness by scoring two goals with terrific drives. Margetts at back gave another good display and should develop into a first-class player. Tomorrow (Saturday) Hampstead visit Chelmsford in search of further London League points, and hope to further strengthen their team. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 2/10/1925)

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Tuesday 09 November -

Child's Hill Athletic were entertained by Hampstead Town Reserves on Monday. The Town fielded a strong eleven, including several of their London League eleven, and the Hill did very well in limiting the margin to one goal, [losing by the odd goal in five.] The home team were soon two up, but Manning, who played well at centre-half for the Athletic, reduced the lead with a good shot, the score at half-time being 2-1 in the Town's favour. In the second half the Hill equalised through Bradley, but from a free kick for hands just outside the penalty area Bloxham obtained the winning goal gor Hampstead. [Report written from the Child's Hill Athletic point of view] (Hendon & Finchley Times, 25/9/1925)

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Tuesday 09 November -

On their first visit to the P.L.A. Police, at Ilford, Hampstead Town Reserves met with a severe, if undeserved, defeat by four goals to nil. Strange as it may seem Hampstead had the best of the exchanges, and the home goalkeeper was called upon to defend his charge at least three times as often as Boston in the Hampstead goal. This game, like all others, was played in awful weather, rain pelting down throughout the 90 minutes. Hampstead attacked at the start and the home goalkeeper did well to tip a shot from Bloxham over the bar. Ten minutes after the start the home left wing appeared to centre the ball, but it passed across and hit the under part of the cross-bar and entered the net. A few minutes later the Police were awarded a free kick about 25 yards out, and their centre-half placed it behind, but to everyone's surprise the referee signalled him to take the kick again, as he had taken the kick before the whistle had blown. This time he shot direct and and the ball again hit the under part of the bar and entered the net. Just prior to the interval Nash hit the inside of a post but the ball returned to play. In the second half Hampstead continued to have the best of the exchanges but could not beat the home goalkeeper, and on tewo occasions when the Police attacked they scored further goals. Nash and Bush both missed with only the goalkeeper to beat, but on the whole the shooting was good, some of the saves being uncanny. For Hampstead Cousins, Bloxham and Margetts all played well, but two new players on trial were not successes. Tomorrow (Saturday) when the return game takes place Hampstead hope to have the services of Iles, Wilkinson, and Irwin, if fit. The latter may be in the unusual position of outside-left, which hitherto has not been filled with any satisfaction. This will be the Reserves first game at Cricklewood, and they are confident of reversing last week's result. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 25/9/1925)

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Tuesday 09 November - Reserves win 3-2 at Barnet

After their bad reverse against Erith and Belvedere, Hampstead Town Reserves gave a vastly improved display when they met and defeated Barnet Reserves, at Barnet, on Saturday. Quite early in the game it was evident that Hampstead were the better side, and they twice beat the home goalkeeper before they actually scored their first London League goal, 25 minutes from the start. This point was scored by Bush, a newcomer of much promise, from 20 yards. Hampstead had all the best of the play during the opening half but could not add to their score. After the interval Bush had another hard drive which the home keeper partially saved, but Turner, following up, tapped into the net. Five minutes later a Barnet player punched out a shot from Nash, and from the resultant penalty Thorlby added a third. The Hampstead players then made the mistake of easing up and Barnet were more in evidence, so much so that they scored two easy goals and might easily have added a further had it not been for Boston in the Town goal, who played remarkably well. All the Town players played well, but particular mention must be made of the newcomers. Boston (goal), Turner (centre-forward), Margetts (left-back), three local players; and Bush, who hails from Gloucester, and has played for that county. Bloxham, Thorlby and Cousins, of the old brigade, being in brilliant form. On Saturday the Town Reserves visit the P.L.A. Police at Ilford in the London League. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 18/9/1925)

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Tuesday 09 November - Hampstead score five but lose

There was a glut of goals in a match at Cricklewood-lane on Monday, Hampstead Town losing by six goals to five against Edmonton in the "Daily Chronicle" Hospital Shield competition. The home side had a mixred team, comprising: McCracken, Iles, Brazier, Thorlby, Barnes, Elderton, Harris, Reinke, Nash, Wise, Ball. Hampstead were soon leading by two goals, both scored by Harris, the first emanating from a beautiful cross-shot by Ball, who showed much promise. Edmonton then took command of the game as far as scoring was concerned, their centre-forward, Lewis, finding the net four times. McCracken was at fault over the first goal, the ball passing through his hands, and he had a possible chance of saving one of the others. With the other shots he was quite helpless. Edmonton were well served both at outside-right and in the centre, and the defence had a busy time. Upon crossing over Edmonton scored two more goals. The first came through Attwood and then Lewis scored his fifth. Hampstead stood the pace better, and Wise reduced the lead with a penalty. Reinke got another goal, and their fifth and last was obtained by Thorlby from long range. The game was finished in semi-darkness. Hampstead made desperate efforts to equalise, but failed. Allowing for the presence of some reserve players Hampstead ought to have won the game considering their excellent start. McCracken, we understand, has promised to play regularly for the London League side, but it is to be hoped that he will not often be guilty of such fatal mistakes as that which led to Edmonton's first goal. (Hendon & Finchley Times, 4/9/1925)

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