Former Staff - Chris Harwood

Joined the Greens in the early part of 1991, making his debut against Enfield. Began his career at West Ham United, and appeared in the England under 16 team in 1986/87 against Denmark, but unfortunately injury ruined his professional ambitions. Drifted into non-league football. Also played rugby for England at youth level. Sadly passed away on 3rd March 2012.

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Playing History

Playing statistics
Season League Cup Total
1991/1992 225 8 0 30 5
1990/1991 91 2 0 11 1

Debut: 19/02/1991: Hendon 2-3Enfield

Non-Playing History

Non-Playing statistics
Role Start End
Player 1990/1991 1991/1992

Basic Info

Player Profile
Personal details
DoB 19/04/1970
Apps 41
Goals 6