Player Sponsorship

The pricing structure for player sponsorship remains the same for the 2019/20 season.

Home kit is £90, whilst Away kit is £60. Also you could choose to sponsor both kits for £120. Sock sponsorship is again available to Under 16s at just £5.

All sponsors will see their name listed alongside their chosen player both online and in the matchday programme for the season and there are two slots available for each kit for each player.

To sponsor the player of your choice, please contact Simon Lawrence on

Current Sponsors
Name Home Kit Away Kit Socks
Lee Allinson      
Luca Allinson      
Tahjae Anderson   Sylvia Douglas  
Tommy Brewer      
Liam Brooks      
Tyrique Clarke      
Sam Corcoran Alan Wightman Alan Wightman Annelise Addow-Hamlin
Rialto Metals Rialto Metals  
John Creith     Elsie Edwards
Dave Diedhiou      
Joseph Felix      
Kieron Forbes      
Andronicos Georgiou      
Joe Howe      
Percy Kiangebeni      
Shaun Lucien      
Joshua Luther      
Sergio Manesio      
Rihards Matrevics      
Eddie McLoughlin      
Charlie Merson      
Matty Newman      
Jonathan North      
Tom Nyama Alan Wightman Alan Wightman Sophia Neville
Simeon Olarerin      
Eddie Oshodi      
Lucas Perry      
Solomon Sambou      
Kate Simmons     Clementine Edwards
Tom Smith      
Caolan South      
Oliver Stevens      
Luke Tingey Peter Dean Peter Dean Megan Tomlin
Joe White