Youth team managers stay on

Greensnet Editor
Mon 04 Jun 2007, 10:00

The club are delighted to announce that all of our youth team managers have agreed to continue in their roles for the new season moving on to older age groups. Ben Schiffer-Harte and Nick McMullen will be managing the under 14 side, John Creith, assisted by sons Michael and Sean, will manage the under 15s and Kris Bhalla, assisted by Lewis Copeland, will manage the under 16s. All three teams, along with a new under 13 side, will continue to play in the Harrow Youth League on Sundays.

Eamon Finn and Graeme Bourne will be taking their team into the Middlesex County League Reserve set-up playing as Hendon "A" largely as an under 18 side, although the team may also be used to have a look at first-team trialists etc. The team will also play in the Middlesex County Youth Cup.