Partnership signed with Player Packs UK

Greensnet Editor
Fri 14 Aug 2020, 17:04

We are delighted to have linked up with Player Packs UK ahead of the coming season in a partnership to supply the first-team players with changing room necessities for the 2020/1 season.

Co-owned by centre-half Tommy Smith, Player Packs UK aim to assist clubs in unlocking performance within their players by supplying a range of options including snacks, isotonic gels, sock tape and sock underwraps for each squad member for every match.

In addition to the partnership, Player Packs UK have agreed to sponsor Tommy Smith's shirt for the 2020/1 season.

We're delighted to add Player Packs UK to our growing team of corporate sponsors and partners, to see how they can help your team improve their performance, simply visit their website