Legends Match passes 1k raised

Greensnet Editor
Sat 09 May 2020, 13:03

Since being formally launched last weekend, the Hendon v Hendon Legends virtual match has seen the 1,000 pound mark passed in terms of monies raised for the 12th Man Fund.

The sponsorship of the Legends squad is going well with nearly 50% of spots filled. John Swannell and Rod Haider have both sold out, whilst there is one remaining space available for Dermot Drummy.

The 50/50 draw has seen 150 tickets sold so far with the prize draw standing at 62.50. Tickets are 1.00 each or you can buy 6 for 5.00. The more tickets that are sold, the bigger the prize fund and the more the club benefits.

Over one-third of the Golden Goal tickets have been sold, the holder of the winning ticket number which matches the time of the first goal scored will win half of the takings, that's another potential 45.50 up for grabs once all tickets are sold.

A special commemorative programme is currently under production at the hands of Nigel Kyte, this will include updates from around the club as well as plenty of information and stories about the players that you, the fans, have chosen in your Legends squad.

This morning the Legends squad was uploaded into Football Manager and a series of test matches over the next fortnight will be taking place as well as tests on the live stream to ensure the best possible matchday experience for those that have purchased admission.

Remember, virtual admission is just 10.00, however if you wish to support by purchasing a player sponsorship, 50/50 or Golden Goal tickets, you can do so without purchasing the virtual admission.

Keep your eyes open for further updates over the coming fortnight on the website and our usual social media channels including a special opportunity later this weekend.

Anyone wishing to support this initiative, everything is available from the HFCSA online shop at the link below.

Hendon v Hendon Legends online ticket office