Liam Brooks Q&A

Greensnet Editor
Mon 20 Apr 2020, 08:17

Forward Liam Brooks has taken the Q&A challenge after being nominated by Luca Allinson, the answers to which we're delighted to present below.

Best football memory? Beating Merthyr and giving it to their fans after beating them in the play off semi final.

Most embarrassing football moment? Can't think of anything so just say being on bench in cup final. Wasn't embarrassed though I was angry

Messi or Ronaldo? Messi

If you had to be on lockdown with 3 players who would they be and why? Percy, he has everyone in stitches every time then Corcs and Tommy Brewer so we can just drink and laugh at PK.

Who wouldn't you want to be on lockdown with and why? Simeon, he's so dumb he'll do my head in

Best looking in your changing room? I can't decide between Shaun, LP or Luca

Worst Trainer? Tommy Brewer, guy is not serious one bit in training

Slowest Player? Tommy Smith

Most skilful? Shaun

What made you join Hendon? We all had a good bond at Biggleswade when Lee told me he was moving on and going to try and get the lads to come over it was a no-brainer

Favourite Singer / Band? Meek Mill

Fabourite Takeaway? Chinese

Who did you play for as a Youth? Luton

What do you do in your spare time? Play PlayStation & gym

Snog / Marry / Avoid, 3 team-mates? This is fruity count me out

Biggest influence in your football career? My dad he will push me to try and get the best out of me every time, even down to now he will never praise me always finding faults

Worst dress sense? Percy, he thinks crocs are acceptable

Hendon 5-a-side team? Northy, Eddie, Forbesy, Shaun, Joe W

Huge thanks to Brooksy for taking time out and providing his answers, he's nominated Joe White to be next up and we'll bring his answers tomorrow.