Sam Corcoran Q&A

Greensnet Editor
Tue 14 Apr 2020, 10:48

sam Corcoran has become the 4th player to undertake the HFC Question and Answer session, which we're delighted to present below.

Best football memory? Making my professional debut.

Most embarrassing football moment? The famous free kick slip.

Messi or Ronaldo? Messi

If you had to be on lockdown with 3 players who would it be and why? Percy for the comedy and he needs taking care of,
Tommy Brewer to wind Percy up and Brooksy to finish off the carnage

Who wouldn’t you want to be on lockdown with and why? Tingey and Forbes - I like them both but it's weird - they sit next to each other in the changing room and have never spoken.

Best looking in your dressing room? Luca and Shaun are beautiful fellas.

Worst trainer? Joe White - the man is the complete opposite to how he is in a game.

Slowest player? Tommy Smith cannot move.

Most skilful ? Percy - for someone who can't pass it's amazing how skilful he is.

What made you join Hendon? Both managers who II played under in my time, firstly Jimmy but decided to come back because of Lee.

Favourite singer / band? Ronan Keating and Backstreet Boys

Favourite takeaway? Indian

Who did you play for as a youth? Colchester United

What do you like to do in your spare time? Carer for Percy

Snog , Marry , avoid - a teammate Snog - would love to snog Northy, Marry - Lucas Perry or Forbes just lovely men aren’t they, Avoid - Tommy Smith he's a bad egg

Biggest influence in your football career? My mum would drive me up and down the country 3 times a week growing up so without her I wouldn’t be playing.

Worst dress sense? Seen Sol in a rascal top or two

Hendon 5 a side team ? North, Eddie, Shaun, Forbes, Joe White

Big thanks to Corcs for taking part. To help clear up the mystery from question 2, Sam was the white shirted number 6 in the below clip.

Sam Corcoran, Free Kick Wizard

Sam's kindly nominated Percy Kiangebeni to take the exam next up, we'll bring you Percy's answers in the next couple of days.