Tommy Smith Q&A

Greensnet Editor
Sun 05 Apr 2020, 17:14

The second in our series of Q&As has taken place with centre-half Tommy Smith undergoing the interrogation spotlight.

Best Football Memory? Joining Hendon FC

Most Embarrassing Football Moment? Gloucester Away FA Trophy, tried flicking ball back to keeper off my head and it came off my long neck and the striker ran through and scored.

Messi or Ronaldo? Ronaldo. Done it in multiple countries.

If you had to be on lockdown with 3 players who would it be and why? 2 lads I know could have a good drink with Tommy Brewer & Brooksy then Luca because he can get us the beers from the fridge.

Who wouldn't you want to be on lockdown with and why? GK coach big Alf. Not because I don't not love him just don’t know what the bloke gets up to behind closed doors.

Best looking in the dressing room? Has to be Joe White

Worst trainer? Eddie Mac would say me, but he doesn't know what he's talking about. It’s 100% Tommy Brewer

Slowest player? Corcs hands down

Most skillful? Me then close 2nd Shaun Lucien

What made you join Hendon? I’ve played for Lee for a while now and he's a great manager. Always believed in me and has been there for me through a tough couple of injury spells so it was a no brainer when he asked me to join.

Favourite singer / band? Elton John

Favourite takeaway? Curry

Who did you play for as a youth? Not one of those guys who were at pro clubs like my fellow peers, so if I told you, you wouldn't know who they were anyway.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I enjoy watching Tommy Brewer's boomerangs & also like a round of golf.

Snog, Marry, Avoid - a teammate? I'd snog Luca, would be his first kiss. I'd marry Shaun Lucien because he'd treat me right. Would definitely avoid Brooksy, loose cannon.

Worst dress sense? Eddie Oshodi. Purely for his red vest.

Hendon 5 a side team? Northy, Eddie Oshodi, Forbsey, Luca, Joe White

Big thanks to Tommy for his answers, and he's nominated Shaun Lucien as the next player to undergo the Spanish inquisition.