Stat Attack Update - Quickest to 20 goals

Greensnet Editor
Wed 12 Dec 2018, 08:03

Following Ricardo German's goalscoring exploits so far this season, we've taken a look at which players have been quickest to 20 goals since the club joined the Isthmian League in 1963.

There may be other players in the Athenian League era who reached the mark quicker, but due to incomplete records we can't be certain.

Ricardo is the 11th player to have reached the 20 goal mark by December. Ricardo achieved this in his 25th appearance this season - exactly the same number as Niko Muir last season, who of course went on to score 40 goals and is now plying his trade at Hartlepool United.

The quickest in terms of date is David Hyde, who reached the 20 goal mark on 31st October 1964 in his 21st game of the campaign, whilst a season earlier, Gerry O'Rourke reached the mark in his 19th game, but later in the season on 16th November 1963.

The full list of the ten players is below - in order of when they reached the 20 goal mark by date

31st October - David Hyde (1964-65 - 21 appearances)
5th November - Iain Dowie (1988-89 - 22 appearances)
16th November - Gerry O'Rourke (1963-64 - 19 appearances)
21st November - Niko Muir (2017-18 - 25 appearances)
5th December - Paul Whitmarsh (1998-99 - 24 appearances)
9th December - Tony Bass (1972-73 - 28 appearances)
11th December - Jefferson Louis (2013-14 - 26 appearances)
11th December - Ricardo German (2018-19 - 25 appearances)
21st December - Bobby Wilson (1968-69 - 25 appearances)
25th December - Laurie Churchill (1965-66 - 24 appearances)
27th December - Leon Smith (2014-15 - 35 appearances)

Ricardo has some way to go to score the most goals in a season - that record is held by David Hyde, who scored 59 goals in the 1964-65 season.

*This is an update to a Stat Attack article that was in the Bath City programme last season