Livescores problems

Greensnet Editor
Wed 17 Oct 2007, 10:00

As those supporters who were following Monday nights game either online or via text message will know, there were some problems with the livescores service - resulting in the second Chelmsford goal being recorded eight times! The reason for this doesn't actually lie with livescores, but with the company that forwards the messages to the livescores system. For some reason it did it more than once. The provider of the livescores services is taking the issue up with them at the moment.

There have also recently been issues with messages being delayed. In some cases this is purely because we occasionally forget to send the message and send it late. However, sometimes the delay is simply down to mobile technology. Sometimes due to network congestion, messages will get delayed. This is totally out of the hands of the provider of livescores and there is nothing they can do about it.