Statement - FA Youth Cup

Greensnet Editor
Thu 27 Sep 2018, 18:34

We have today been charged by the FA for fielding an ineligible player in both rounds of the FA Youth Cup that we have played in this season. We have accepted the charge and will not be contesting it.

Unfortunately the situation has occurred due to one of our volunteers making a clerical error when registering the player in question at the start of the season. When the error came to light a few days ago, we owned up to the error and explained how it had happened.

When the hearing takes place on Monday, we fully expect to be removed from the competition and therefore we are not expecting the game against Kings Langley to go ahead on Wednesday evening.

We are also anticipating a charge from the Southern Counties Youth League, as the player has also appeared in both league games played so far this season.

As Phoenix Sports have said in their excellent statement today regarding their FA Cup explusion, you can read their statement by clicking here, we hope that those who run the game are able to find ways to make life easier for the many volunteers who are involved at clubs not only at our level, but at all levels of the game.

We would like to assure supporters that lessons have been learnt from what has happened, and we continue to support all our volunteers in the work they do for our football club.