Live Updates - An Apology

Greensnet Editor
Sat 21 Jul 2018, 19:51

We would like to apologise for the lack of live updates from this afternoon's game. We are very aware that many supporters value this service, particularly those who are unable to get to games.

Without going into all the technical details, the issue has arisen due to the way the FootballWebPages service is currently set up - giving priority to Isthmian League clubs as the league use the system for their own live updates service.

As a result, it is looking likely that we will be unable to run the service for our remaining friendlies against Isthmian League opposition this summer - but we are in contact with the people that run the service, and we are assured that we will be able to operate the service as normal once our competitive games begin on 11th August. We will assess this on a game to game basis, and will endeavour to get a message out ahead of the game if we are unable to run the live updates service.

The Southern League do not use FootballWebPages on an official basis, so we will be one of the only Southern League clubs using the service. This means that we will be back to covering all our competitive games - home and away - as long as one of the four people who know how to use the system are able to be at the game.

Finally, for those who have wondered why there were no updates at all on the twitter feed - our official twitter feed is only accessed by two people, neither of whom were able to be at SJP this afternoon. The people who update the FootballWebPages system on matchdays are not the same people who have access to the official twitter feed.