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Correction to Margate match details

Greensnet Editor
Sun 10 Dec 2017, 05:06

Your website team has just been informed - 12 hours after the game - that the scorer of our first goal at Margate yesterday was in fact Ashley Nathaniel-George and not Josh Walker.

Unfortunately none of our club officials who were at the game - all of whom knew that the web team were unable to be at Margate - felt it necessary to ensure that we had fully accurate information to put on the website. Therefore, the only information we had available to us when updating the website late last night was what was on the FootballWebPages livescores service, which, as we are sure most people will be aware, is updated by the home club for each match.

We apologise that last night's update wasn't up to our usual standard in terms of accuracy. Hopefully our club officials will realise that their web team are not psychic and are not able to know when opposition clubs make mistakes in the live updates!