FA Competition dates 2017-18

Greensnet Editor
Fri 16 Jun 2017, 18:39

The FA have confirmed the dates for the FA Competitions for the new season, and we will enter the FA Cup in the first qualifying round on Saturday 2nd September. Each further round taking place every fortnight until the fourth qualifying round on Saturday 14th October. The first round will be on Saturday 4th November, the second round on Saturday 2nd December and the third round on Saturday 6th January. The final will be on Saturday 19th May.

Our FA Trophy journey also starts in the first qualifying round and that will be on Saturday 28th October, with the second and third qualifying round following a fortnight later in each case. The first round is on Saturday 16th December, and the second is on Saturday 13th January. The final will be on Sunday 20th May.