Gary happy with Worthing win

Greensnet Editor
Mon 24 Oct 2016, 20:48

Hendon manager Gary McCann was a very happy man when he looked back on the weekend victory at Worthing. He said, "We deserved the win and the performance warranted a healthier scoreline. I am pleased with our overall display, the 11 starters, three substitutes, even the unused pair, all contributed in some way.

"I think the first 45 minutes was as good as we have been for maybe 18 months. We were impressive against a very good footballing team with many dangerous players.

"At half-time, I challenged the players to replicate that first half display and we did. We scored a very good goal to take the lead and could have scored more goals too.

"But the goal we conceded was a sucker punch. Our keeper had been injured having gathered the ball and needed treatment. When he got up, he was still not 100 percent right, but Worthing then contested the drop-ball.

"If that was my team, and the opposing goalkeeper had been injured in that sort of incident, my bench and I would have made it absolutely clear that we would give the ball back or the drop ball would not be contested. I was furious that we conceded the goal in that manner.

"But we didn't fall apart and quickly regained control. We then scored a superb curling winner from Sam Murphy. Both our goals were excellent and Keagan Cole again showed what a great talent he is - and just a mere 17-year-old. They were two great goals, and we should and could have had many more.

"If there was one criticism I would have about our performance is that we didn't take more of our chances. Scoring has not been a problem for us - but we cannot fail to take all these chances we must be more efficient and make the latter stages of the game more comfortable."