Gary's thoughts on Lowestoft draw

Greensnet Editor
Mon 10 Oct 2016, 17:21

Gary McCann was frustrated to concede a goal deep in stoppage time to lose what would have been a huge victory at Lowestoft.

He said, "To lose a victory so late is very disappointing and it makes this draw feel like a loss. But there were many positives to take out of the game.

"For the first 60-odd minutes we were very good and thoroughly deserved to be leading 3-0. In fact, if we had taken a few more of our good first-half chances, we could have had that lead by half-time.

"But we conceded within 50 seconds of going 3-0 up and the impetus immediately changed. We deservedly conceded a second goal, but then we regrouped and were back to where we were.

"We then had two great chances to score in two separate two-on-one situations with the score at 3-2, but didn't play these situations well enough. At that stage, however, I really thought we would hold on.

"Aaron Morgan came on after the game had been stopped for an injury, and before the additional three minutes were signalled. I can't recall any more stoppages after that, and when we had an attacking throw-in, the referee told our captain there were 30 seconds to go.

"We then hit the inside of the post and the ball rolled along the goalline before being gathered. They then stole 25 yards at a last ditch throw-in, the ball was knocked down the pitch and they scored the equaliser. Where those extra two and half minutes came from was bemusing. But we must take responsibility as the game is never over until the final whistle.

"There was time only for us to kick-off after the goal before the final whistle went, the reaction from our captain was the fact there was much more than the 30 seconds between being told how long was left and their goal. This is what frustrated Chris Seeby, but he should not have vented his frustration to the referee the way he did."