Silver Jubilee Park works update 4

Greensnet Editor
Tue 22 Dec 2015, 21:16

More progress has been made since the last update ten days ago, and we are still on schedule.

The outer structure of the extension is complete with the only roof in our building that that doesn't leak! Next week the outside toilets will be fitted out and the changing room refurbishment will start.

The dugout bases are finished despite Monty, Rob Morris's dog, running over the wet cement to leave his mark. There are new steps leading up to the current stand behind the goal and the spectator rail has started to be dismantled.

The stands have been manufactured and are now ready to be sent to be galvanised in early January. We expect the stands to be delivered by mid January and be erected by the first week in February. The seated stand will have HFC in white seats!

The builders are working between Christmas and the New Year to keep us on schedule and if the weather remains on our side we have a very realistic chance of kicking off next season at SJP.