Gary's thoughts on opening games

Greensnet Editor
Tue 11 Aug 2015, 15:47

Gary McCann was satisfied with the point at Grays on Saturday, and very happy with the win over Enfield Town yesterday evening. Looking back first at the Grays game he said, "The performance really pleased me and I couldn't have asked for more from the players. I want to single out the centre-backs, Ryan Wharton and Luke Tingey. They didn't even meet until Thursday evening and they made a good pairing.

"It was a pleasing point and it could quite easily have been more. After they equalised, Grays really came at us, but we held them. The resilience in the side really showed itself, and after a difficult 10 minutes we got back into the game.

"It was the culmination of a very difficult week. We knew we would be missing a few players, but to be without 14 and having to sign so many players just before the match was very difficult for everyone. We didn't even have a team of outfield players last Monday.

"The players will be coming back over the next few games, but it will be a struggle."

Then looking back at last night's win over Enfield Town he said, "I am delighted to have won the game because it puts the ghost of the past three seasons to bed. I didn't even mention our League record against them to the players before the game because so few of them had been involved in any of them.

"It was pretty hairy at times and it was a draining game for us on the sideline. But there were traces of our performances at the end of last season. It may have been a new set of players, but it was the same level of commitment and resilience from them and, as with Saturday, our back-four was magnificent.

"We limited them to very little and made sure that Joe Wright had very little to do. In fact, I think Ollie Sprague's back-header was the only real save he had to make.

"I have no complaints about Aaron Morgan’s red card. It was a moment of frustration from him."