Silver Jubilee Park clarification

Greensnet Editor
Sat 19 Jul 2014, 10:41

We have received a number of questions from supporters who were unclear on how the ownership of Silver Jubilee Park is planned to work. Club director Rob Morris has kindly clarified the situation with the information below.

Silver Jubilee Park is owned by Brent Council who have granted Kingsbury Town Management Co Ltd (KTMCL) a 30 year renewable lease which has 14 years to run. KTMCL are currently in negotiations with Brent Council to extend this lease agreement.

KTMCL is owned by Robert Morris and Arrow Investments who have an equal share holding. Arrow investments is owned by the Manzi family who also run Edgware Town FC.

Hendon FC (HFC) will be offered a lease to play and train at the ground rent free for the duration of KTMCL lease. KTMCL have spent over £500,000 so far and will need to make a significant further investment to bring the ground up to the grading requirements just for HFC

HFC will also benefit from increased attendances by being closer to their roots and from a strong youth set up with over 150 players from the coming season. The function hall will be available rent free for fund raising events and we expect that HFC will be better off by £60,000 a season as a result if these changes. This is the difference between going out of existence or being a sustainable business model.

Over the last few months Rob has been working tirelessly to put a number of deals in place which will ensure HFC will play football for many years to come.