Message from the Chairman

Greensnet Editor
Thu 03 Jul 2014, 19:00

Club chairman Simon Lawrence has issued the following message today, which is addressed to all supporters.

"I watched my first Hendon game when I was 9. I don't remember much of the game but I still remember the atmosphere. I watched a second game and I was hooked. My dad came to check it out, liked what he saw and said I could keep watching.

"One of the many benefits of the introduction of around 15 new youth teams this season is that it opens up the potential for our crowd to be boosted by youth team players, their parents and their siblings. That could be as many as 1,000 people in total who will have some form of relationship with the club who may not even have heard of us before. From these new potential relationships could come future hard-core fans, match-day volunteers, members of the Supporters Association Committee, Supporters Trust Board or Football Club Board.

"With that massive potential, comes a massive responsibility and that is to ensure that whoever comes to watch Hendon next season and in the seasons to come leaves having enjoyed a good football match in a good friendly, family atmosphere.

"Consequently, the Board has decided to remind supporters regarding existing rules relating the use of foul, racist, sexist and other discriminatory language.

"We do not have an existing problem with the use of discriminatory language but we do, from time to time, have a problem with the use of foul language and this will not be tolerated from now on.

"Everybody starts with a clean slate at the start of this season. However, anyone using foul (or discriminatory) language this season will be given a verbal warning. If the use of foul language persists, the offender will be advised in writing that they will not be admitted at any home match for 3 months. If, after having served that "suspension", the offender re-offends, he or she will be advised in writing that they have been banned for life.

"The future of Hendon Football Club has not been this bright for many years and the Board will not sacrifice that future for the sake of a handful of supporters who do not know how to behave."