John Rice Sponsored Slim

Greensnet Editor
Wed 11 Jun 2014, 19:00

Starting on 23 June 2014 lifelong Hendon fat,,,we mean fan John Rice will begin a 3 month sponsored slim. This is in addition to the sponsored slim initiative posted here yesterday.

His target is 40lbs of weight loss. Backed by a nutritional and fitness programme and qualified professional he feels he can achieve that. If you would like to sponsor him for every lb lost please email him at Every £ per lb he can raise will motivate him and offer him incredible support.

Every penny raised will be donated to Hendon Football Club Supporters Association.

He will post pictures, stats and updates to keep people informed of his progress in his new Facebook group - We will post updates here for those who do not use Facebook.

This will help improve his health as well as raise some revenue. Please sponsor him to give him that extra initiative.