From Claremont Road to Memory Lane

Greensnet Editor
Fri 06 Jun 2014, 07:00

We are sure that many of our supporters have stories dating back from your first game until the present day.

Some of those stories will be anecdotal and cause you to smile or laugh out loud when thinking of them. It would be a real shame if those stories were not shared or worse still were lost by not being told. Now you have an opportunity to share those stories and raise money for Hendon FC.

We are in the process of creating an eBook of anecdotes by Hendon fans to generate an income. We need your help. Please can you email any stories you can think of to John Rice at

Anecdotes are universal and therefore more saleable to the football world. When we get enough stories we have every football fan as a potential reader and customer. That is potentially a huge market for us.

So please cast your mind back, reminisce, smile and share your stories. Every singe person has at least one. If every Hendon fan contributed one story we would have an awesome book. If people donate more than one story each then we could have one huge book or even two volumes. So please share one story at least. Stories of between 200-500 words are ideal. Although longer stories would be most welcome.