5000 and counting

Greensnet Editor
Wed 04 Jun 2014, 19:00

Greensnet, which began in November 1999, recently posted its 5000th news item to the site. That's nearly one news item per day!

The site is driven by an ever increasing database, which as well as the news items, contains details on over 5400 first team matches, over 1300 reserve and youth team matches, and nearly 2200 players and staff. There are also over 8500 Isthmian League results entered into the database so far, which allow for the league tables to be calculated.

We hope to get some more of the old league tables on to the site during the summer - along with other information that we have come across during the season.

We are aware that the front page hadn't been updated for a number of months. This was due to a technical fault that we have now fixed, and the front page should once again change more often.

As always, we'd like to thank those supporters who find information to be added to the archive, and also provide items to go on the website.

If you do have anything you'd like us to mention, please email us on admin@hendonfc.net