Gary's thoughts on Cray victory

Greensnet Editor
Tue 18 Mar 2014, 22:40

"It was difficult for us and the opposition didn't make it easy. However, we gave the ball away to easily and to be honest, it wasn't our most convincing or pleasing displays, but sometimes - like here - you just have to grind out a result.

"But the important thing is that we got the job done, and I will take the result. There were one or two hairy scary moments, and maybe if we had had a wake-up call, we might have come back.

"It is a matter of just getting results at the moment. There has been a lot of football played and we are not on our own - and, of course, there are other teams who have played even more.

"The squad doesn't have as much as depth in some areas, and some of the players are running on empty. Everyone is exhausted mentally and physically, and I think this goes for fans as well as players and officials.