Live Updates - Season 2013/14

Greensnet Editor
Wed 07 Aug 2013, 21:00

We are pleased to confirm that there will be live updates from our games this season. However, there substantial changes in how the information is received by the system, and where you will need to go to see the updates.

The live updates system that we have been using has been upgraded during the summer, and is now the official Ryman League Livescores system. As a consequence, all Ryman League teams have been asked to operate the system for their home games - but not away games. Clearly it is daft for two clubs to submit information from the same game.

As a result this means we are no longer responsible for the updates from our away league and league cup ties, and away ties in any other competition against Ryman League sides. Please bear this in mind if things go wrong for away games - any mistakes will not be the fault of our volunteers.

At the current time, the upgraded system has not been configured to post updates to messageboards, but it is hoped that this feature will return during the season.

Updates will appear on the Isthmian League website which can be found at or on our twitter feed at

Hopefully the fact that all 72 Ryman League clubs should be operating the system for their home games, will actually make things easier for our volunteers, as we will no longer be trying to find someone to feed information through from those long distance midweek away games.

If you have any questions regarding this, please email us on