Livescores and website updates

Greensnet Editor
Thu 14 Mar 2013, 19:20

Since the suspension of the livescores service last week, we have had many requests for the service to be reinstated. Unfortunately, none of those responsible for the abusive comments have been big enough to apologise, but following discussion with club chairman Simon Lawrence earlier this week, the livescores service will resume on Saturday afternoon.

However, there will be a few games in the remainder of the season where, due to other commitments, we will be unable to operate the service. At the time of writing, we will not be able to operate the service for the home games against Thurrock and Wingate & Finchley. We realise that this will be disappointing to those who are unable to get to the game.

We will be trialing a different interface for updating the livescores service on Saturday, which should hopefully reduce the chance of mistakes occuring.

As for the website, we have received some complaints about the lateness of some updates after matches. If our regular updater is at the game, the website is updated as soon as he gets home, but this can often be over two hours after the game has finished. This is because he is reliant on public transport, and often has to travel into central London before having another hour before he gets home. He is rarely home from Saturday games before 7.30pm, or before midnight for midweek games.

The only times there will be an instant update to the website after the game are when he is at home when the game finishes because he's been unable to get to the game.

Whilst we understand that there is disappointment when either livescores isn't operational, or the website is late being updated, but we do ask that all supporters understand that both services are undertaken by volunteers, and are both run at no cost to the club.

We are very grateful for all the messages of support over the past few days, and assure you that we will continue to update at the earliest opportunity as and when news breaks, or after matches.