Important message from the chairman

Greensnet Editor
Sat 22 Sep 2012, 14:00

Hopefully, by 5pm this evening, we will have successfully negotiated our way through today's difficult tie and into the 3rd Qualifying Round. Hopefully, we'll be £4,500 better off with the prospect of further prize money to come.

But, come 5pm, we might be waving a fond farewell to this season's FA Cup campaign, and the prize money that comes with a successful cup run. If that is the case, then be under no illusions - it won't be too long before the consequences really start to kick in.

It takes money and it takes support to keep a club like Hendon going - a lot more money and a lot more support than we currently have.

We have a small group of people - I can number them on one hand - who go above and beyond the call of duty to keep the club alive.

We have a slightly larger group who help out, whether it is by making financial contributions or by performing duties on match days.

Then there is another, larger, group who support the club by attending home matches, paying their Trust memberships, sponsoring a match ball or player's kit or paying £5 a month for the Snowball lottery.

And then there's the final group – who no longer attend home matches, no longer pay (or have never paid) their Trust memberships or do not participate in the Snowball lottery. They "look out" for our results on the website or via Twitter. They "like" our Facebook page.

What I have learnt in the 6 years since the Trust was formed, is that if Hendon is to survive, let alone prosper, we need everyone to step up one level of support.

We need people to come to home games and encourage their friends to come too.

We need people to buy season tickets even if they are only going to get to the occasional game.

We need people to join (or rejoin) the Trust. We need people to take a Snowball (or two) and encourage their friends to do so too.

We need people to sponsor match balls and players’ kits.

We need people to make donations.

We need people to volunteer for match day duties.

In short, we need people to do more than they are doing.

Otherwise, there might not be any more results to look out for on the website or via Twitter and there may be no Facebook page to like.

Simon Lawrence