Rain rules at the Loot Stadium

Greensnet Editor
Mon 04 Dec 2000, 10:00

Hendon's FA Umbro Trophy tie at home to Worcester City fell victim to the incessant rain which has blighted the United Kingdom in the past two months. There was water lying on the pitch as late as Thursday and the water table is so full that no amount of forking saw it diminish. The inspection on Friday evening was a mere formality and the club received the FA's blessing to make a second attempt to play the tie on Wednesday, rather than Hendon's normal Monday midweek date.

"It is so frustrating isn't it," said manager Frank Murphy. "The groundstaff can't get any equipment onto the pitch it is so wet and they are standing on boards to level the pitch and fork it. I am trying to keep the players positive."

The postponement situation is reaching crisis proportions everywhere at the club as there has now been 18 games called off since the Under-15s recorded a 13-1 victory over Norsemen on 19 November.

There was also frustration for the reserves. Their game at North Greenford United was postponed on Saturday morning, just two hours after the pitch had been past fit.. It was their 5th consecutive posponement. Gary McCann is trying to make a comeback following his major knee surgery at the end of last season. but the reserves have not played since 4 November. Club physio Gary Anderson said, "Gary has been ready to try out his knee for a month now, but he cannot get a game."

McCann said, "This is not only frustrating but also very depressing. I have worked hard to get myself ready, but I need to have a game to prove to myself that I am back."

Clitterhouse Playing Fields have suffered as much as the pitch at LOOT Stadium with Hendon able to stage only 1 of 11 scheduled fixtures on the pitches there since the end of October. All youth matches were also called off this week, the 4th time this has happened in 5 weeks.