What did Gary say?

Greensnet Editor
Sat 15 Jan 2005, 11:45

Although as has been stated before, we will not make a habit of this, as a number of people who are unable to call the Greensline have asked, we briefly round up what Gary Farrell said in the interview on Thursday evening.

He began by saying that the last two games were disgraceful and unacceptable. He had hoped to get the Eastleigh performance out of the system on Tuesday but that obviously did not happen. It was very disappointing and upsetting for Gary, and the players had let the club and supporters down.

He continued by talking about both games, saying that he had never wanted a game to end so such than he did at Eastleigh, and that we were very fortunate to go in at just 2-1 down at half time. On Tuesday, the warning signs were there at half time and he never felt comfortable at 3-1 up. We had the chances to put the game out of reach, but the defensive capitulation was totally disgraceful and that some players have got to show far more effort which clearly wasn't there on Tuesday. He held his hands up to making mistakes with the substitutions.

Gary admitted that he has neglected training in recent weeks, and so that he can get back out on the training pitch to coach the team and start ironing out the problems, Mark Nicholls and Dave Nolan will be helping out more. Nicholls in particular will be looking after the man management of the players, and helping them with any problems they may have.

On the player front he confirmed that the five players released on Thursday had gone, mainly because they hadn't featured in the side very much over the past couple of months, but they go with the good wishes of the club. Danny Butler has been given leave of absence for the time being so that he can sort out some personal problems.