Variety Night postponed

Greensnet Editor
Sat 07 Apr 2007, 20:00

It is with much regret that the Supporters Trust have taken the decision to postpone the Variety Night, due to have taken place in three weeks time, due to very low ticket sales. As there had been very little interest in the event, the trust had no option but to call it off so that they didn't lose any money on the night. There was serious danger that the evening wasn't going to break even, which given that it is a fundraiser for the future of the club, is very disappointing.

The trust would like to thank Joe McGowan for his hard work in arranging the acts for the night, and for giving up his time for free. It's just a shame that his time has been wasted. We hope that we may be able to work with Joe in the future.

The trust would like to take this opportunity to remind supporters that it is events such as this that will be crucial in raising funds for the long term future of the club. We hope that people will be able to support future events as and when they are arranged.