12th Man Fund, 2022/23

Hendon Football Club is owned by its supporters. This means that success on the pitch is a function of the supporters’ willingness and ability to generate income into the club. The more income we generate, the bigger the playing budget that we can give to the manager.

On behalf of the supporters, the Trust Board is doing everything we can to increase our income in order to maximise the playing budget, strengthen the foundations of the club and deliver the kind of success on the pitch that we all want to see.

But we cannot do it all on our own – we really need supporters to provide as much financial support as they are willing and able to provide.

That’s why we established the 12th Man Fund a few years ago. Every penny paid into the 12th Man Fund goes directly to the playing budget.

The target for the 2022/23 12th Man Fund is £25,000. If we can achieve or even exceed that target, then I’m hopeful that we can look forward to the new season with optimism.

We will post on the website and on our Social Media channels regularly to let you know how we’re doing against that target but, in the meantime, please do what you can to support the club – making a donation is simple, you just need to click the PayPal link below.

If you want to make a donation but would prefer not to make it via PayPal or you have any questions or comments, please email Simon Lawrence at simon.hendon@btinternet.com.