Hendon FC Supporters Trust

As a fans-owned club, we are only able to spend what we - the fans - are willing and able to contribute and so it falls to me to ask you all to consider making a contribution into the "12th man" fund to allow me to give James the budget that he needs to give him the best possible chance of going one step better than we were able to go this season.

I'm sure you'll agree that the football that we watched last season was outstanding. The best chance of promotion in 12 months' time is if James can put together a group of experienced players and, at this stage of the season, tehre are lots of options available to the best players.

Please do what you can to be James's 12th man for the new season. Every pound contributed to the 12th man fund will go directly to James's budget.

If you would like to make a contribution - one-off or on a monthly basis - please send make a donation via Paypal below, or if you'd prefer to donate offline then send an email to Simon Lawrence - simon.hendon@btinternet.com.

Last season was incredible - it's up to us to make the new season even more memorable.

Thank you for your support.