Match Report

Potters Bar Town
C Seeby, N Muir 2
Match details
Competition: Friendly
Date: Saturday 16 July 2016
Attendance: Unknown

Hendon enjoyed a comfortable second run-out of preseason, seeing off Potters Bar Town. On a baking hot early afternoon the pace of the game was not the fastest and it ticked pretty much every box set aside for the term preseason friendly.

As is their custom in the first few games of preseason, Hendon used at least 20 players - in this case 21 - and changed nine of the squad at half-time, then made two more substitutions during the second period, with Khale de Costa starting and finishing the game.

Both teams created half openings in the first 15 minutes but neither team was able to put an effort on target. Chris Seeby, playing in front of Dave Diedhiou down the right flank did get a couple of crosses in, but neither Mark Moira nor Karl Oliyide could get on the ball.

The first real chance fell to the Scholars in the 19th minute, when a neat, short pass from Miguel de Santos put Lewis Bircham into space. He worked an opening, spotted Greens goalkeeper Tyler McCarthy slightly off his line and tried to beat him with a clever curling chip.

It was almost perfectly weighted, but he was denied by a superb fingertip save by McCarthy, tipping the ball against the top of the Hendon crossbar.

Both Andre da Costa and Bircham had chances to test the opposing goalkeeper with free-kicks around the penalty area, but neither player was able to get the ball beyond the defensive wall.

As Hendon gradually ramped up the pressure, both Seeby and Karl Oliyide created good opening for themselves, but the former was off-target and the latter had his run ended by a great intervention from goalkeeper Conor Sansom.

Seven minutes before half-time, Seeby got another chance to attack the left side of Potters Bar defence and this time they could not stop him. After beating two players, Seeby swung his left foot and placed the ball just inside the near post.

Going up the hill in the second half, the restructured Hendon team dominated midfield with Keagan Cole looking particularly effective. The game-changer, however, was striker Niko Muir.

In the 57th minute, a ball into Potters Bar penalty area slowed down just enough to leave Sansom unsure of reaching the ball and he got no verbal assistance from Jordan Lawal. As they dallied, Muir stuck out a boot and deftly guided the ball into the unguarded net.

Two minutes later, Muir ran onto a short pass from Tony Taggart, beat two mean and fired a well-placed shot past the stationary Sansom.

Hendon rather eased off after the third goal, although they showed a few flashes of what it took to create openings. At the other end, Brandon Norris was tested by Lamarr Johnson, but the striker rather scuffed his shot.

In the final minute, however, Norris was forced into serious work. Johnson took advantage a bit of sloppy Hendon defending, but Norris was quickly off his line and blocked the ball out for a corner.

From the set-piece, Tommy Boxer powered a header goalwards, but Norris was equal to the effort and tipped the ball over the crossbar. The second corner again fell to Boxer, but he failed to make clean contact and Norris was again able to complete a comfortable save.

Report by David Ballheimer : Not to be reproduced without prior permission


Home Squad
Shirt Player Info
1 Tyler McCarthy  
2 Dave Diedhiou  
3 Arthur Lee  
4 Spencer McCall  
5 Casey Maclaren  
6 Andre Da Costa  
7 Khale Da Costa for 9 , 62
8 Dale Binns  
9 Mark Moria  
10 Karl Oliyide  
11 Chris Seeby  
12 Luke Tingey for 2 , 46
13 Mayowa Balogun for 3 , 46
14 Zsambor Takacs for 5 , 46
15 Keagan Cole for 4 , 46
16 Brendan Norris for 1 , 62
17 Omar Vassell for 7 , 46
18 Mahrez Bettache for 8 , 46
19 Jordan Knight for 11 , 46
20 Tony Taggart for 6 , 46
21 Niko Muir for 10 , 46

Potters Bar Town

Away Squad
Shirt Player Info
1 Conor Sansom  
2 Will Wambeek  
3 Garry Jones  
4 John Sonuga  
5 Dan Odamo  
6 Jordan Lawal  
7 Joe Bennett  
8 Ryan San  
9 Lamarr Johnson  
10 Louis Bircham  
11 Miguel de Santos  
12 Billy Baird  
14 Chris Doyle  
15 Johnny Sexton  
16 Karim Aissiaou  
17 Tommy Boxer